Friday, February 10th

Jill and Cane speculate about Vicki’s motives for changing the deal. She figures Victor’s behind it. Cane says he was humiliated by Billy pointing out he’s never have enough cash to buy it for himself. Jill wanted all three of them to buy it so Cane can afford a third share.ane figures once Vicki is the sole owner he’ll have no job security. They discuss how hard it is to make inroads in a town where everyone’s a millionaire. He pleads his case and Jill asks him how much time he needs. He asks if she’s serious about selling it to him instead of Vicki.

Lauren’s still checking her phone. Michael tries to calm Lauren down about Gloria. She’s still furious with her for undermining her efforts to get investors and threatening her livelihood after all they’ve done for her. Michael says that loyalty is not one of her strengths. Lauren wonders why Jack would give her a job, again after her first stunt of tainting the face cream. And now he’s given her a job again. What she did to get it? Lauren thinks her and Jack are colluding against her. Focus on your success and just leave Gloria to Jack. They talk about Valentines Day and how well things are going for Fen and Scotty.
At Jabot, Jack and Phyllis discuss work-related stuff. Jack has to go and want to continue their meeting in the evening. He’s fishing to see if she has plans for V-Day but she doesn’t. Turns out the flowers were from a guy she met on a dating website (Troy), but he’s not her type. They rehash Phyllis’ relationship with Billy. Phyllis points out that they both knew it wouldn’t work. She knows he only loves one woman and that’s Victoria.

At BnS, Billy pops a bottle of bubbly. Victoria thinks they’re celebrating their success of their launch but Billy wants to celebrate her owning BnS.

Jill tells Cane she’d love to sell BnS to him, but how will he get the money. He has a few lenders in mind. She gives him until the end of the day to get something together.

Michael drops in on his Mom at work. He heard a rumour about her being a receptionist. It’s not her ideal job, but she got her foot back in the door of a business that means a great deal to her. She has big plans for herself. He asks how Jack fits into her plan.

At Jabot, Jack and Phyllis meet with Lauren who’d still glued to her phone and annoying Jack with it. They are meeting with Ravi after about beta testing. Jack wants to join in and they try to discourage him. He wants them to run the company but he wants to be included on major expenditures like the virtual dressing room app.

In Ravi’s office, Ashley tells him not to work late but to make some V-Day plans. After she leaves he sighs and throws the card and a BOX of CHOCOLATES in the garbage. lol