Monday, February 13th

My apologies for the delay – again. I’ll be home late tonight and back in schedule tomorrow. Thanks so much to Tina for filling in!

Billy and Cane are going at it in Victoria’s office. Billy thinks Cane should be happy he has a job and a paycheque. Cane thinks he works much harder than Billy ever will. Victoria thinks she can handle Cane herself.

Jill’s in Jack’s office and tells him he doesn’t really want 49% of Fenmore’s. He says he’s worked too hard to get it. Jill gets her chequebook out and says maybe this will change his mind. He says her money’s no good here. Ashley walks in and says “Oh yeah it is”.

Nick’s serving drinks in his busy bar. He thanks Chelsea for meeting him there. They can take off when he’s done work. Ravi and Phylis come in for a drink after dinner. Ravi talks about how he introduced Ashley to EDM music. He wonders why the bartender is staring at them. That’s no bartender, that’s my ex-husband.

Nick and Chelsea come over to say Hi. Phylis says Ravi’s helping her crack the code of online dating. and it all comes down to chemistry and he’s happy for that.

Cane tells Billy he got the job at BnS because of his mother and he’ll keep it because of his ex-wife. Lily comes in to take him away to celebrate their anniversary. Victoria is ticked with Billy for not staying out of it.

Ashley looks at Jill’s cheque and asks Jack why he isn’t taking her offer into consideration., it’s more than you paid. Jack writes down the amount he wants for his share in Fenmore’s. Take it or leave it.

Jill and Jack argue about the price. Does he want her to drain her piggy bank, have no savings for retirement? Jack takes that as a no. Jill says she’s just offering to help him out of a bad deal and storms out. Ashley’s not impressed. He’s making it so Phylis will drain Jabot of all it’s resources. The sooner we get rid of Fenmore’s the better. Jacks convinced Jill will come back with the money.

Cane and Lily are having a romantic dinner at the Athletic Club. He gives her an anniversary gift, a wooden box. Inside are some shiny earrings. He’s not happy the deal fell through. He really wanted to own BnS. Lily tries to comfort him. He accidentally knocks over a glass in frustration.

Vicki wants to know if Billy is taking advantage of being her ex-hubby when it comes to BnS. He butters her up. Imagine you’re the boss all on her own. He reminds her that he proposed, again, to her last Valentines Day. And she said yes, again.

Jill and David, her lawyer (or accountant), are having a drink at the Athletic Club. She is mad that she’s been betrayed on the Jabot/Fenmores deal. He warns her that she’s jeopardizing her retirement funds. She really wants the deal. at any cost.