Friday, February 10th

Cane’s on the phone, having no luck getting funds. Lily walks in an asks why he left. He makes an excuse. They wish each other Happy Anniversary and smooch.

Jordan turns up at the office and there’s montage of a corporate photo shoot He wants to do a shot of the 3 owners. Vicki says she wants to be in front and Billy and Cane behind her. Cane gives Jill a knowing look.

At Jabot, Phyllis gives Lauren props for how she cut Jack out of the interview. She wants Phyllis to handle the meeting with Ravi on her own so she can celebrate V-Day with Michael. Her cell rings but she can’t hear who’s calling – bad reception.

At reception, Michael questions why Jack would want her around since they’re not friends. She asks him to stop with the insinuations that she’s blackmailing Jack.

Ashley tells Jack she’s deciding to give the keynote address at the annual buyers’ luncheon. He says that his job. She’s say not any more since she’s decided to take control.

At BnS, they are going to see Lily in action, but Jill wants to stay behind and talk to Victoria. She asks why she thought it was up to her to change the deal. Because it was hers originally, Billy’s not interested in being a Co-CEO and Cane doesn’t have the cash. Jill says she’s giving him time to raise the money. Jill wants to see the company in the hands of someone who has more integrity than her. How;s this for integrity, as she hands Jill a cheque.

In the lab at BnS, Cane’s still having no luck on the phone. Jill comes in and is apologetic. She shows him Victoria’s cheque. He really resentful that Vicki and access that kind of cash so easily. Jill understands how he feels and is really sorry. Vicki watches from the next room.

Phyllis goes to her meeting with Ravi except he is not there. She calls Troy to thank him for the flowers, but says she’s back in a relationship so can’t take things further. She knows he find the right one day. Ravi’s in the doorway and they discuss the call and the likelihood of finding love online. They decide to go get some food and then come back to work on the app.

Jill comes into Jabot and finds Gloria answering the phones. Gloria’s missed Jill’s wit. Jill wants to know why Jack gave her a job.

Ashley tells Jack why she’s feed up with him. Going after Victor again, his investment in the Fenmore merger that put Jabot at risk and finally, his hiring Gloria. What does she have on him? Ashley says he’s letting his personal life interfere with the running of their father’s legacy. They argue, she says she’ll go to the board and they will choose her to be in charge.

Lauren’s still trying to hear who’s on the phone. Michael walks in and she says she can tell it’s a call from overseas. It’s probably Scott calling to wish her a Happy V-Day.

At the elevator with Phyllis, Ravi suggests they go for vindaloo. Ashley looks on as they leave. Gloria tells Ashley that’s it’s cute that their first date is on V-Day.

Jill storms into Jack’s office. She can’t believe he hired Gloria – has he lost his mind? But she can help him out. She has an offer he can’t refuse.

Cane goes in to Vicki’s office. He can’t believe she hands Jill a fat cheque when he knows how much owning the company meant to him. She says she’s willing to keep him on if he’ll be a team player. Things get heated, Billy walks in and tells Cane to step away from her.

NEXT: Billy offers to drive Vicki home, Lily is mad that Cane more interested in owning BnS than celebrating their anniversary. Jill’s putting an end to the games.