Monday, February 13th

Billy wants to take Vicki to dinner.. She’ says no over and over. He says it could be a business dinner. She shuts him down. He says he understands. He is an immoral person who slept with his brother’s wife. Is any of that not true, asks Vicki.
Ravi asks Phylis if she’s afraid of love. Then he talks about how much he enjoys being with Ashley. Meanwhile Nick’s bartender has called in sick. Chelsea puts and apron on and impresses Nick by showing off her bartending skills.

Jill comes home to roses and Colin and romantic music and Esther’s cheesepuffs. Colin tries to get Esther out of there. Sorry, she comes with the house, says Jill. He figures Jack turned down her offer. She doesn’t want to talk business. She’d rather have a foot rub.

Cane’s obsessing again about Victoria’s bank account. Lily’s had enough and wants to talk about something else. He thinks they should go home because he’ can’t shake his mood. She can’t believe he’s acting this way on their anniversary. Just go, she tells a surprised Cane.

Jack says he and Ashley sure are losers to not have dates on V-Day. He suggests she go let Ravi out of his cage. She tells him Ravi’s out with Phylis.

Colin and Jill sip wine by candlelight. She thanks him for reminding her what really matters in life and it’s not business and money. Esther brings in more coffee. They send her up to bed. Jill suggests they go upstairs. First Colin will take his little pill.

Jack calls security to doublecheck that Ravi and Phylis left together. Ashley reminds him that Ravi is a great guy who deserves a good woman, and that is not Phylis.

At the Underground, Chelsea’s doing a good impression of Tom Cruise in Cocktail. She makes a martini that Phylis slides over to Ravi. Come dance with me, as she pulls him onto the dance floor.

Back at BnS, Vicki talks about how much the kids love him and she can also see them working hard on BnS together. She doesn’t really see much else. Billy wants to drive Vicki home. She doesn’t understand why he can’t accept that she doesn’t want to date him. He reminds her that life isn’t all about work and she used to love him for always showing her that. She says he also brought her many painful memories, so he can stop trying to sweet talk her. He calls her stone cold and leaves.

David calls Jill with some terrible news. Her accounts have been depleted., she doesn’t have any money. Who knows your passwords. Colin calls her from upstairs, she looks up with suspicion.

Musical montage for V-Day. Billy turns back to go see Vicki, then turns around again and leaves. Jack looks upset and texts “need to see you: to someone. Ashley goes into Ravi’s office and finds her cards and chocolates in the trash. Billy walks into the Underground and sees Phylis showing Ravi a very strange dance, Ravi leaves and Phylis and Billy eye each other. Chelsea looks sad behind the bar. Nick takes her apron off and holds her.

NEXT: Ravi finds Ashley finding her Valentine. Billy wants a word with Nick about his sister. Jill gives Colin a good smack across the face.