Tuesday, February 14th

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Thanks once more to Tina for filling in (most appreciated after working a full evening shift!) I’m home now and will be back on schedule tomorrow (unless Riley has to cover because I’m not over my sunburn and sand flea bites) Thanks so much for your patience (and even to those who weren’t all that patient. Riley and I had a wonderful time in Florida. I may post a photo or two tomorrow if I have time to photoshop myself some abs. Damn that freak of nature Christie Brinkley posing in a bikini at 63!

At The Underground, Nick and Chelsea are waltzing behind the bar until a customer asks for a drink. Phyllis is checking her phone when Billy comes over. Keep it moving sweetheart. Billy thought he might rescue her from another hot date.

Ravi walks into his office and catches Ashley with his valentine card and box of chocolates.

Jill’s is freaking out, asking herself what she should do?. Esther asks what Colin did now. He keeps calling Jill from upstairs. When he comes down, she gives him a slap across the face.”.

Please disable your ad blocker. Sure we never quite got the timing worked out but Tina worked hard this week and I’d like to show her some love and appreciation in the form of some US dollars. Thank you.

At the Athletic club, Jack receives a text that says “Got us a table|.” He grabs a rose from a vase and joins Vicki at their table. He thanks her for spending V-Day with him. She wonders what he wants.

Colin wonders why Jill’s so upset. Because she is broke. Her accounts have been emptied out but their joint ones haven’t. She flat out accuses him and he doesn’t deny it. He didn’t get to be the head of a crime syndicate without learning a few things. A business proposition came his way.

Billy’s just stopped for a drink. Phylis guesses that something’s happened with Victoria. She talks about his behaviour patterns and know he’s better than that.

Nick watches on as a guy hits on Chelsea. He thinks guesses she pretty talented. She scares him off with motherhood stories of bedtime stories and puke. Billy interrupts their flirting to tell Nick he wants to talk to him about his sister.

Jack’s heard about Vicki’s coup at BnS. Her tells her that Jill told hm. And that she’s offered to buy back his share in Fenmore’s. She feels betrayed by how that went down without her knowledge. Jill wants to teach Lauren a lesson. Jack wants to toast the Vicki got the company back that Billy started. And stuck it to him at the same time.