Tuesday, February 14th

Ashley’s in her office flipping through reports. She’s looking at a photo of her dad when we flash back to a earlier footage if the two of them. ( I think it’s from the 80s or early 90s). John’s very proud of her instincts and aptitude for the business. . Ravi drops by with the chocolates. He describes them in detail. She says she can’t accept them unless he does something for her.

Vicki tells Jack that Billy keeps stepping over the boundaries she sets. And that he called her cold and said she is like her father.

Billy tells Nick about how Vicki bought BnS on the sly And that she’s not listening to him or Cane on it. He wants Nick to talk to her about not becoming like her dad by putting work ahead of everything.

Ashley and Ravi are sitting in her office and feasting on chocolate. She asks what him and Phylis talked about. Online dating – her not him. He admires that Jabot is a family business. He never wanted to go into this family business He looks at the photo of John and Ravi can tell he was a ice man who’d be proud of her.

Billy continues to criticize Vicki’s approach to business and Reed. Reed’s not your son, so stay out of it. Chelsea shows up to say the a bartender arrived so they can go. Billy says watching her bartend reminded him of Myanmar. Not my finest hour, she comments.

Vicki reminds Jack that she knows how to handle Billy. Jack gets another text that says “where are you?” Vicki asks if he needs to handle that.

Colin goes into the details of the deal he used Jill’s money for. He figured he’d make all the money back and return it to her account. Jill wonders why he thought she wouldn’t notice the money was missing. Because she’s never noticed in the past. Jill is beside herself to learn he’s down this to her before. Colin thinks it’s no big deal because he always puts the money back. Esther comes in to do some dusting. Jill realizes that’s why he was dissuading her from buying Fenmores. He knew she didn’t have the money. She tears his robe off him and throws him out onto the doorstep.

Esther and Jill both yell at Colin through the door. She tells her to turn the spinkletrs on. Jill’s on the couch, quite distraught. Esther calls Billy to ask for his help.

Nick and Chelsea return to her place. he realzes they didn’t even have dinner. She jokes about how she should go out with the flirting guy at the bar. She also wonders how he’s going to make t up to her.

Ashley talks to Ravi more about her Dad. We flash back again o her and John. He calls her ‘totally awesome’ and she calls him ‘Daddio”. Ashley gets upset and apologize to Ravi for ruining his thoughts on love. He hugs her and says it’s okay.