Tuesday, February 14th

\a the Athletic Club, Jack’s envious about how smoothly Vicki gets the deals she wants. They’ll be doing battle head to head. His phone goes off again, whoever it is is tired of waiting. He texts back to ‘sit tight’ Vicki lets him off the hook but he says he’ll deal it when he’s ready. Vicki wonders why Jack is plying her with dinner and champagne and being so complimentary about her business skills. What does he want? At that moment, Phylis walks in and sees them having dinner.

Billy finds Colin outside, naked. He lets him in and Jill’s upset all around. Billy and Esther both think she looks terrible and needs to go to the hospital.

At Chelseas, Nick lays out a picnic with sandwiches with the crusts cut off. He saw a whole other side to her. She talks about how much she enjoys bartending. Now she’s just a boring mom. He gets up to leave. He thanks her for tonight, she got him out of his bad mood. They hug and then start kissing. He says the evening turned out unexpectedly. He grabs his jacket and leaves. As she shuts the door, they are shown on either side looking pleased.

Ravi thanks Ashley for sharing her chocolates. Sorry she got so emotional. Ravi thinks she not as cynical as she thinks she is.

ack and Vicki finish their dinner on good terms. He gets another text and runs upstairs. As Vicki gets her coat, Phylis shows up and asks Vicki what she was doing with Jack. Or do I need to asj Bully?

Jill asks Billy what she’s going to do about Colin and the lost money. She doubles over and Billy
says he’s taking her to the hospital.

NEXT: Vicki tells Lily that her husband needs to be loyal to her. Jill’s trying to get out of her hosipital bed – she wants to go home. My mother had a heart attack because of you, Billy tells Colin.