Wednesday, February 15th

Thanks to Riley for recapping today’s show.

As Jill wakes up in the hospital, flashes of Billy and Esther looking down at her begin to appear, both with looks of concern. Jill pushes the two to leave her be, but they have no intention of leaving after her whole ordeal from the previous night. On top of Billy and Esthers hovering, Colin is also trying to get a hold of Jill to her dismay, desperate for an update on her health. Cane is informed of Jill’s condition upon his arrival to Colin’s house. Meanwhile, Lily sulks with Victoria over her and Cane’s failed anniversary celebration.

Nick and Noah celebrate the Underground’s recent success. When asked if he is going to be attending the family dinner organized by Victor, Noah says he already had a commitment. Noah is surprised and suspicious of Nick when he doesn’t lecture him, and Nick admits his good mood stems from his night with Chelsea.

Victor tells Nikki about the updated invitation list for the dinner, including the whole family. Nikki attempts to pry for a reason Victor invited everyone, but he has no explanation.

Nick goes more into depth about his date with Chelsea, visibly swooning. He tries to play it off though, saying he doesn’t even know when he’s going to see her next. Right on queue, Chelsea walks into the bar.

Victoria asserts with Lily that she has no issue with her, and despite the differences her and Cane have, they both still have a place on the Brash & Sassy team. In walks Jordan, escorting Lily to leave.

Cane is furious with his father, enraged that he spent Jill’s life savings. Colin insists that he has a plan.