Wednesday, February 15th

Jill continues to insist that she is completely fine, but Esther reminds her that she is in intensive care. Dr. Lang puts into perspective the seriousness of Jill’s condition when she tells Jill that she in fact had a heart attack and that she has heart disease. While going further into detail, Jill becomes more and more hysterical, and bursts when the doctor says that had Billy and Esther not brought her in, her condition could’ve been fatal. Jill rages in denial, using her situation as an excuse for feeling ill.

Nick, Noah and Chelsea banter over doughnuts which leads to a bar tending contest between Chelsea and Noah.

Jill protests with the doctor, fighting to leave the hospital. All three have to restrain her down, keeping her from leaving. Dr. Lang reviews Jill’s symptoms upon arriving at the hospital and other symptoms associated with heart disease, and Jill slowly begins to realize her condition, calming down. Dr. Lang tries to schedule more tests for Jill but this sets her off again, stating she can’t stay at the hospital and lists things she has to do. She tries to reason with Billy, who disagrees.

Colin’s plan is instantly shut down, when it involves him borrowing money from Cane. Cane insists that repaying Jill isn’t the solution, because it doesn’t solve the problem in which he broke Jills’s trust. Plan B quickly goes into swing where Colin goes to the hospital to beg for mercy, followed by Cane.

Jordan and Lily review her images, and he isn’t pleased. Lily confesses that she is unsure that she can continue working at Brash & Sassy.

Victoria celebrates being the sole owner of Brash & Sassy with her parents. Victor is pleased, however suggests that now she dump Billy like she’s done to the rest.

Billy tries to convince his stubborn mother to follow through with the tests. The two are interrupted by Colin and Cane waltzing in, to which Billy is not happy about. Jill starts to get worked up for the third time, telling Colin he has some nerve to visit her.

Jordan condems Lily for even thinking about walking away as brand ambassador because of her husband’s insecurities within the company. Lily snaps back to reality, acknowledging how happy she is working for Brash & Sassy.

Jill responds to Colin’s attempt at an apology by asking for a husband who respects her. Surely Jill sits up in her bed, slandering Colin, hitting him where it hurts. Billy moves to escort Colin out of the room, as Jill begins sobbing hysterically. Cane offers to stay while Billy leaves with Colin. Jill leans back into her bed and Cane moves to sit next to the bed, hoping to comfort her. Jill becomes more rational, open with Cane. He offers a genuine apology, saying he is guilty by association. With Cane, Jill shows a more honest, vulnerable side of how she’s feeling.