Wednesday, February 15th

On the contrary, Billy and Colin have a heated discussion. Billy is disgusted by the audacity Colin has even showing his face around the family. During his spew, Billy tells Colin of Jill’s heart attacked. Colin is dumbfounded and finally lowers his head in shame, realizing this isn’t about his marriage anymore but rather Jill’s health. Billy warns Colin that the best thing to do at this time is to leave, however Colin slips by Billy in an effort to see Jill one last time but is met by Cane closing the curtains in Jill’s room.

Nick carefully analyzes Chelsea and Noah’s alcoholic creations, deciding whose is best. After much suspense, he calls it a tie. They all share a laugh until Noah leaves to pick up an order. Chelsea grabs her purse to leave but not before Nick invites her to the Newman dinner.

Victor advises Victoria to not let anyone critique her for reclaiming Brash & Sassy and with that, he leaves for a business meeting.

Lily and Cane meet up to clear the air. Cane apologizes for ruining their anniversary and Lily for her behavior at the restaurant.

Nick convinces Chelsea to go to the dinner later that night, despite her hesitation.

Nikki also offers some advice to Victoria, telling her not to get consumed by work the same way Victor did.

Lily asks Cane if he wants her to quit her job at Brash & Sassy, though that’s the opposite of what she wants to do. Lucky for her, Cane is supportive of her and says if she’s happy he is happy. Lily is finally able to catch her breath, getting up to hug Cane.

Billy goes back to sit with Jill, pleading with her to accept her condition and move forward with the tests and treatments. Reluctantly, Jill agrees, closing her eyes to hide back tears. Billy reaches for a hug and Jill quietly cries next to him.