Thursday, February 16th

Vikki nags Reed for not being ready to go to his grandparents – Billy will be here soon to pick up the kids. Reed’s not exactly thrilled with the evening’s itinerary. He’s already in hell (no guitar, phone and Internet etc.) Now I have to spend time with the family!? Ugh.

Mom. Dad. We’re here, Nick shouts as he takes Chelsea’s coat upon entering the ranch. The plan is to sneak out of the dinner early and go have some fun. Seeing their quick but intimate kiss, Faith is subdued when greeting her Dad and Chelsea – then goes to sulk as Victor and Nikki fix their guests drinks.

At CL’s, Cane whines that rumours of Vikki buying BnS have gone viral – but no, he won’t let work ruin yet another evening with Lily. She stops him from calling a reporter to set the record straight – focus on me and the kids, and Jill – have you talked to her?

At GCM, a nurse tells Collin that she’s not authorized to discuss Jill’s condition with him – he must talk to … Billy, Collin sighs.

As Billy plays doting son to a recovering Jill, the nurse arrives with a wheelchair – it’s that time.

Abby drops by Underground as Noah’s setting up for open mic night. They chat about Nick/Chelsea and Abby closing a deal with Higgins. She then negotiates another deal – using her social media superpowers to promote open mic night (and a drink) she convinces Noah to come with her to tonight’s family dinner.

While Nick chats to his parents about Connor and Christian seeing a lot of each other, Faith gives Chelsea the cold shoulder (then asks Nikki if she can invite her Mom to dinner) Running out of excuses, Nikki gives Faith the OK. Getting another eyeful of Nick and Chelsea playing happy couple, Faith sends her Mom a text – come to the main house – now.

Cane’s alarmed to get a text from Ester (updating that Jill’s still in the hospital and having some tests done)

Vikki calls Billy to snarl about him being late – but does a 180 when hearing of Jill’s condition. Yes, of course, Billy should stay with her. Keep me posted. Yes, Vikki will respect Jill’s wishes to keep this confidential. As Jill’s wheeled off, Collin rushes in to put on a performance about how worried he is. Billy leads Collin aside to make it clear that his marriage to Jill is OVER.

As Victor greets Abby and surprise guest Noah, Faith updates Nikki that her Mom’s having dinner with Mariah tonight – and inadvertently shares her apprehension about her Dad and Chelsea’s relationship. Though Faith claims to be ‘fine’ with it, it’s obvious to Nikki that she’s not.

Collin will NOT leave while the woman he loves is here – now, what’s going on? Fine, Billy updates that Jill had two stints put in her heart and is undergoing an ultrasound. That’s all the info you’ll get. Collin will go bribe a nurse then. With what? His charm, that’s what. As Billy tries to manhandle Collin out, Cane arrives (with Lily) to ask what’s going on.

Back at the ranch, Nick and Chelsea chat with Noah and Abby (deciding they’ll go to Underground after dinner) Invited to join in, Faith rolls her eyes then pastes on a smile to sit in her Dad’s lap. When Vikki arrives with apologies for being late, Reed makes no effort to be polite. He sure has the moody teen act perfected, Abby comments. Vikki confirms that she bought BnS – so I won’t be coming after your job at NE – or will I? Abby’s left looking unsure.