Thursday, February 16th

That was a little harsh, Abby challenges Vikki (and reminds that she already apologized for being defensive the other day) Vikki then warns Abby that Dad might be setting her up just to tear her down (like he did to her) Maybe I’m just a better fit than you, Nick and Adam were, Abby suggests. Good luck with that, Vikki walks off.

Faith pretends to be entertained by stories of Christian and Connor making snow angels – and is not nearly as excited by the video Chelsea jumps up to show her (which Nick also gushes about)

Back at GCM, the Ashby’s referee Billy and Collin. Lily barks – listen up – this is what’s gonna happen …..

Victor announces that tonight’s occasion is to celebrate his daughter; a smart and beautiful businesswoman. Assuming it’s she who’s being honoured, a disappointed Abby’s the only one not to applaud as Victor toasts Vikki, the new owner of Brash n Sassy.

Thanking everyone, Vikki declines giving a speech and tells them to stop clapping. Abby’s frown turns upside down when Victor then summons her to his side to acknowledges her recent accomplishments. As Victor congratulates both daughters, Reed couldn’t look more bored.

Lily’s decided that she, Cane and Collin will leave – Billy’s to call when Jill’s results come in. Ok, but Collin’s not to go near the house. Billy will have Mike file a restraining order if necessary. This isn’t over, Collin vows as he follows Cane out. Billy gives Lily his word that he’ll call as soon as he has news.

Noah empathizes with Abby – he gets it (Victor made me compete with Kyle at NE) As Reed grumbles to them about not being able to go to open mic night, Nikki ushers everyone into the dining room. While Nick goes to call the sitter, Victor quietly asks Chelsea if they’re dating. He approves of them moving on, but Nick must never know that Christain is Adam’s son. Looking over at Nick (who waves across the room) Chelsea steps out to sigh over the weight of her secret.

Confiding in her Mom that Jill’s sick (and Billy’s a wreck) Nikki sends Vikki off to be with him – we’ll make sure Reed gets home. Saying a quick goodbye to Reed, Vikki leaves him quietly plunking piano keys. Faith gives her Dad a hug then goes to talk to Grandpa (who, along with Nick, notices that something’s ‘off’) Yes, she’d like her Mom and Dad to be a family again. Victor thinks it’d be OK if Nick and Chelsea became more than friends. Coercing Reed to play the piano, Nikki’s impressed – does your Mother know you play this well? My Mother doesn’t know anything about me, he replies sadly.