Thursday, February 16th

Jill wheeled back in asleep, the nurse tells Billy that one of the stints had to be replaced. She might make a full recovery – if she makes the necessary lifestyle changes. Ester ensures the nurse that Jill will eat healthily. Billy doesn’t take his eyes of his Mom as the nurse continues to talk about limiting stress and alcohol consumption.

Collin puts up a fuss at the club – rejecting a suite, he needs to stay with family. Cane blurts out that he can stay with them – right? Lily reluctantly agrees with that but neither will commit to speaking to Jill on Collin’s behalf. Tipping back a drink, Collin insists he loves Jill – his life would be unbearable without her.

With some encouraging words, Ester leaves Billy to talk to his sleeping Mom.

As the family gathers to enjoy Nikki and Reed playing the piano together, Victor talks to Faith; matters of the heart can be complicated. You and I will figure it out. You’re the best, Grandpa ~hug~ Nick joins Chelsea as she’s looking out the window – it means a lot that you’re here. We should go, Chelsea looks serious and on the verge of tears.

We’ve had our issues, huge ones, Billy lists some adjectives that describe them both – I need you – the kids need you. You drive us crazy because you want what’s best for us. I don’t want to lose you. You need to stay healthy. I’ll be a better son, he promises (as Vikki arrives to listen/watch)

Next: There is a chance that Scott may be missing, Paul stuns the Baldwins….. ‘We’re going to the Underground, two ladies on the town’, Mariah sings loudly to Sharon (at CL’s) …. Noah’s onstage – next up is a buddy of mine; Reed Hellstrom. Nick, Chelsea, Abby etc applaud.

My Thoughts: Nick and Chelsea can’t think of anywhere else to go for some ‘fun’ other than Nick’s place of business? That’s pathetic… No Faith, it’s not rude of Noah to show up unannounced – he has a standing invitation. It IS rude to put your Grandmother on the spot by wanting to invite your Mother (who is not welcome. at. all.)… Things I never really noticed before. Victor and Nikki had the ranch custom built from the ground up and didn’t bother to include a closet in the entryway? Which interior designer said ‘Meh. A coatrack will do and let’s put this bench across the bottom of the stairs. Nope, stair access not obstructed enough. More clutter needed, put the baby grand piano right in the middle. Right. about. here. That oughtta do it’ …. Why weren’t Johnny and Katie invited to the ‘family’ party? Or Connor and the baby everyone’s thrilled to have back after missing out on his first year …. OK, so I didn’t actually watch the show the past week so this is the first time I’m seeing Jill look so… incapacitated. It’s unnerving. I hope she bounces back like Mike did when he caught that slight case of the cancer. The hard part for Jill will be staying off the sauce. Of course life would be unbearable for Collin without Jill – he’d be broke. He loves Jill so much that he’s off to put the moves on a nurse in order to get information on her. Because that’s not tacky or inappropriate at all. Why is Cane suddenly his Dad’s protector? Hasn’t he been whining to Jill about her not taking his ‘side’? If the paperwork’s not signed and Jill died, Billy would inherit Brash n Sassy and Cane and Vikki would be answering to him (no wonder Vikki looks so worried) .. Kinda funny for Lily to be instructing Cane to focus on her AND the kids – when neither of them spend any time with the neglected twins.