Friday, February 17th

At home, Lauren’s disappointed that it’s a telemarketer calling her cell – not Scotty. Oh, why hasn’t he called her back? Wordlessly, Mike can only offer a hug.

Billy finds Vikki in the hallway. She didn’t want to interrupt. You could and should have – Billy’s glad she’s there.

Having gone out for dinner, Mariah’s now brought Sharon to CL’s for dessert. Working hard to distract her Mom from moping over Christian and Dylan, she now suggests live entertainment and wine. We’re two ladies out on the town, she sings loudly.

At Underground, Chelsea squirms when Abby references her and Nick as a ‘couple’ (we all know that’s what it is she smiles) Noah taking the stage lightens the mood – let’s have some fun, he kicks the night off to applause.

Still at Underground, Mariah assures Sharon that she doesn’t have to sing – we’ll just go say Hi to Noah. Knowing he does worry about her, Sharon agrees to go. As Mariah goes to the ladies room, Sharon’s left to think about what she’ll do with the coffee house. Memories of Nick and Cassie after they bought the place bring a smile to her face.

Making it clear that he’s not singing, Noah explains that Marisa didn’t come because he needs to focus on work (which, armed with a clipboard, he gets back to) Abby comes over looking for reassurance about her position at NE (and with both Victor and Vikki – which Nick can’t give her) Abby isn’t sure Vikki will let her take the spot at NE that was always meant for her.

In GCM’s lounge, Billy updates Vikki on his Mom’s condition. Listing symptoms of a heart attack, he insists Vikki get checked. Jill needs to make some changes – and I do too, he adds.

Lauren struggles with Scotty traveling through war zones – but what he’s doing is important; showing people what’s going on. He was taken as a baby, she interjects. But you got him back and raised him (well), Mike reassures the smart and capable Lauren. Paul then drops by to say that a friend in the state department called – Scott might be missing.

Hearing that Lauren and Philip don’t know about Jill’s condition, Vikki hopes selling BnS eases her stress. Collin’s another stress – but Billy’s not letting him anywhere near his Mom. Vikki will let him get back to her. Billy thanks her for coming (and watches her leave)

Scott’s news agency hasn’t been able to reach him, Paul informs – no one’s heard from him or his driver (after an interview with a source) Mike admits to asking Paul to check into it. He hoped to surprise Lauren with good news. Oh dear God, she frets.

Reed eyes his guitar in the closet but jumps onto the couch as he hears Vikki arriving. What’s he been doing since dinner? Oh, nothing. Did I miss anything? she knows things don’t always go smoothly at Newman family functions.