Friday, February 17th

Nick can’t speak to what’s in Vikki’s head. No, he’s not saying that she wants to run NE. Abby needs to know if she’s busting her butt for no reason. YOU are at NE. YOU are earning Dad’s trust – keep learning and making Dad proud – Vikki’s running BnS. Though silent throughout the exchange, Chelsea agrees with Nick. He wonders why she’s been quiet and lost her enthusiasm. Perhaps an Elvis impersonation will help? Arriving with Mariah, Sharon stares at Nick and Chelsea – as a horrible act takes the stage.

After Mike gets nowhere on the phone, Lauren expresses her frustration – how can Scott go missing? He’s an American journalist working for a British publication! Paul suggests info is being withheld for Scotty’s safety. What if he’s been kidnapped? Lauren marches off – she’s getting on the next plane.

As Broken Hearted Exes exit the stage to lukewarm applause, Sharon lies to Mariah – no, she’s not troubled by Nick and Chelsea; in fact, she encouraged them to date. To prove it, she marches over to babble about them being ‘official’. Noah and Abby interrupt. She thinks Reed would be great onstage. He doesn’t think Reed’s ready yet.

Reed asks his Mom when she’ll fire Billy – since she’s now the ‘big cheese’ at BnS. And no, she won’t be spending all her time at work. Vikki hates the tension between them – she’s happy at BnS and wants Reed to find something to be proud of too. He gets the door – hey Billy. Is Jill OK? Vikki asks.

Jill’s resting, Billy reports – then updates a confused then sympathetic Reed. After Billy goes up to see the kids, Reed realizes that his Mom left to see Billy, not because of work. He’s so worried about his Mom. Life is precious, Vikki explains that one must find happiness when and where they can. With this in mind, Reed grabs his guitar and escapes as soon as Vikki goes upstairs.

Paul and Mike have no intention of letting Lauren get on a plane to go find Scotty – both offering words of encouragement. Lauren’s beside herself – my son is in danger! Paul gets a call from Washington….

Sharon chats with Nick about how wonderful Mariah is. Yes, it’s hard not to think about Cassie when looking at her. Sharon’s not sure what to do with CL’s. Supportive, Nick thinks it’d be full circle – there might be a reason for that.

Reed’s welcomed by Abby, Noah and Mariah. It was practically my Mom’s idea to come here, he claims. As all wander off, Mariah notices that Reed looks unsure of himself as he plugs his guitar in.

Billy appreciates Vikki letting him see the kids. He jokes about being the adult – it’s terrifying (as is the thought of losing Jill) Vikki overheard what Billy said to his Mom – it’s obvious you love her. They then discuss Reed and BnS. He thinks her approach with both is perfect.