Friday, February 17th

Onstage, Mariah quietly tells Reed to step away from a tray of shots he’s about to dip into. Trust me, you don’t want to take any chances before performing – let your talent speak for itself. When Noah comes up, Reed asks that he not be introduced as his cousin (which Noah abides by) All applaud as his buddy Reed Hellstrom takes the stage.

Paul updates that the Scott’s believed to be alive but his location isn’t being relayed for his own safety (which Lauren squawks about) It’s possible that Scott’s been kidnapped, Paul adds. Lauren then gets an international call; Scott!? Is that you???

Getting off to a shaky start, Reed almost knocks the mic stand over then turns it around with an original song that all enjoy.

Billy reiterates his long list of adjectives to describe the ‘amazing’ Vikki (who thinks him an amazing son and Father – if not a great husband) ~hug~

Mom. Mom, a faint voice is heard. I’m here baby! Are you alright? Lauren’s fears escalate when the call disconnects. Scott!? Scott!?

Next: I said from the beginning that I don’t want Devon’s money. Then what is it? We both know it’s got to be something … You changed the locks? Ester asks. Yes, and if he can’t get it through his tiny, sleazy skull I’ll force it through, Billy vows … Collin hides his face behind sunglasses and a baseball hat as a hospital worker wheels trays of food down the hallway.

My Thoughts: Note to Nick and Noah – don’t leave trays of shooters unattended (why has this never, ever happened at a bar I’ve gone to?) … Oh yeah – Vikki’s such an amazing Mom that she hasn’t even noticed that her sulky son has escaped the confines of his home – on a school night no less!! Great hiding place Vikki – like Reed can’t pull his guitar out of the closet whenever she’s at work … So, Marisa will now just be a casual mention every now and then? Open mic night is hardly something Noah needs to focus on to any great extent. It’s a mic. That’s open. By definition, the entertainment is provided by patrons. And if Noah’s family is there to ‘cheer’ him on, why wouldn’t his girlfriend be on hand to offer her support? … Understatement of the day goes to Vikki – Newman family functions don’t always go ‘smoothly’? Oh, you don’t say…. I can’t muster any interest in Lauren suddenly worrying about Scotty. He was born in 1991 and raised by Sheila for his first year then shunted off to boarding school as a toddler. Leaving GC for years, Lauren barely mentioned her son to the point that Mike tracked him down in Toronto before marrying Lauren (Scotty was somehow 24 by 2005-ish) If Reed thinks his Mother’s neglectful he needs to have a chat with Scotty – or even his half-brother, Fen. The Baldwins might adore one another but they’re hardly involved parents. And I hate to tell you Lauren but it’s not like Scotty would be the first American or British journalist to go missing. Don’t lose your head over it (yeah, I really did just make an ISIS joke. I know, I know – sorry. Don’t email me).