Monday, February 20th

Thanking Ravi for keeping her company on Valentine’s Day, Phyllis is surprised to hear that he came back to Jabot to debug some code. About to come out of Jack’s office, Ashley pauses to watch – then ducks back into the office to scowl.

Mariah loudly announces a code D to the GC Buz staff. That’s right – Devon is in the building and planning to be more hands on (even though it’ll be hard to avoid Hilary; who’s not there now) Devon’s there to support his sister (coming with Vikki to do an interview re: BnS)

Annoyed that Jill’s not taking his calls, Jack leaves yet another message about countering her offer for his BnS shares. Joining him, Hilary’s told that it wasn’t Jack she saw coming out of a suite the other night. My mistake, Hilary says evenly – then gripes about Devon/Mike trying to get her to sign paperwork. If it’s not money Hilary want’s, Jack wonders what it is – we both know it’s something.

On the CL’s patio, Cane and Lily are enjoying a plate of fresh fruit. He hopes Collin soon slithers off their sofa and back into Collin’s good graces. She wonders what’ll happen if Jill has other ideas.

Done bringing all Collin’s packed-up stuff downstairs, Billy delights Ester with a new set of keys. His ‘Collin purge’ includes changing the locks. Collin better get it through his tiny, sleazy skull or else.

In sweats, sunglasses and a baseball cap, Collin skulks about then sneaks a peek into Jill’s room.

Hilary hopes Jack doesn’t believe she’s looking for a payout. Jack plays devil’s advocate – if I’m Devon I have to wonder why you won’t sign. Lack of trust is why I’m divorcing you. Hilary wishes she could go back… You sound like Phyllis, Jack gives ‘sweetheart’ some blunt advice. Fair enough, Hilary gives some back to Jack (playing with a certain broke jet setter is dangerous) Kissing her on the forehead, Jack smiles – I like danger, just like you.

Ashley comes out to send Ravi off to work. We all have jobs to do, she snarls at Phyllis (who again reminds that she resigned and thinks Ashley’s being childish)

Cane can’t get any info on Jill over the phone so will go visit her. He won’t let Collin take advantage of them. They then discuss Lily’s interview at GC Buzz. Cane credits Lily for BnS sales exceeding expectations and appreciates her saying that his work should be valued too.

Billy won’t let Ester blame herself for not seeing the signs of Jill’s heart attack. Assuming it’s Collin at the door, Ester grabs a golf club and is all in a dither as she marches past a puzzled Jack. What do you want? Billy asks him.