Monday, February 20th

Devon coaches Lily – relax and enjoy your success. Is Cane coming? Supposedly – things have been weird; Cane’s been different – desperately fighting Vikki and Jill for control of BnS. No, she doesn’t want to borrow the money from Devon. No worries though – we’re solid.

At GC Buzz to take some behind the scenes photos, Jordan’s greeted by Hilary – welcome to our little hive – your portfolio is definitely ‘buzz-worthy’. Jordan watches Lily as he raves about her; she’s got ‘it’, he gushes. She’s got something alright, Hilary takes note of his adoration (though clearly doesn’t share it)

Telling Jack that Jill’s deal is good for him too, Collin skulks out. What was that about? Ashley appears to ask. A desperate attempt to save a marriage, Jack replies.

Hearing about the medication she’ll be on etc, Jill isn’t happy to hear she’ll have to quit drinking altogether. No occasional martini? A glass of champagne? Red wine is a dietary staple, she huffs. After the doctor leaves, Jill tells Billy that she could swear she heard Collin’s voice. Hearing Billy changed the locks and kicked Collin to the curb, Jill’s pissed – you had no right!

Lily hugs Jordan (and hears that both were ‘gushing’) When Mariah comes over, Hilary notes they seem cozier than colleagues – cue the mischievous smile.

Phyllis drops by Ravi’s office to ask how out of line Ashley was – you deserve better. Ravi thanks her. It’s just the truth, she leaves him to flashback to hugging Ashley.

Collin wanted more time, Jack updates Ashley (who’s OK with selling the shares in BnS) Jack’s not sure he can come up with the cash.

Collin’s at the club trying to convince Cane that he and Jill will weather this storm. Not if Billy has a say, Cane warns.

Jill’s well aware of what Collin’s done – but it’s not Billy’s concern. I want to see my husband NOW, she insists.

Next: Do you need to remind me of what Collin did every single hour? Like I’d forget what he did to me? Jill snaps at Billy…. Hilary beams as Jordan says ‘I haven’t seen Lily in ten years, it’s great that we get to work together again’ … I’m very impressed with Jordan’s work and thinking of hiring him to work exclusively for Brash n Sassy, Vikki informs Cane (who does NOT look happy)

My Thoughts: OK, so the actor playing Ravi is 27 years old. Eileen Davidson (Ashley) is 57. She is 30 years older than him. Let. That. Sink. In… Why does everyone think a baseball hat and sunglasses is a great disguise? Why would Ester need to leave Jill incapacitated and asleep with Collin? She’s never had trouble screaming before…. Being the great son he is, I’m sure Billy will rid the house of alcohol just like he’s ridding it of Collin (yes, that is sarcasm) Jill needs to stop whining about martinis and champagne; her lifestyle changes don’t sound that rough. It’s not like she needs to adjust to losing her sight, being in a wheelchair or having a colostomy bag.. Why is someone who’s just had a heart attack in a room where the doors magically open whenever anyone stands in front of them. Wouldn’t Jill waking up to see someone standing over her be enough to give her a stroke?