Tuesday, February 21st

At GC Buzz, Hilary barely listens to what Vikki’s saying before marching off. Equally flustered, Lily’s breezes past too. Mariah’s the only one to pay any attention to Vikki (who wonders where her team is)

Playing grumpy patient, Jill tries to send Billy off to Vikki’s interview. And she doesn’t need to be reminded of what Collin’s done (like she’d forget if Billy didn’t rhyme off a list daily) Billy just hopes Jill doesn’t plan to forgive that con artist.

At the club, Collin sees no basis for Billy having him arrested. It’s called grand larceny, Cane disagrees. What’s Jill’s is mine, Collin claims (because they’re married) Off to meet Lily at GC Buzz, Cane warns Collin to stay away from Jill. Collin’s sure he can repay her (with Cane’s help)

When Lily again nags Devon about Hilary, he tells her to focus on her job and forget about Hilary. Meanwhile, Hilary questions Jordan (who’s thrilled to be working with Lily after 10 years) Yup, I’m sure you are, Hilary’s left to smirk to herself smugly.

Cane won’t be used by Collin. No, he won’t borrow the money from Devon – you tried to blackmail him – my brother in law is not a bank. No, you won’t go to him yourself. Money is not the way to get back into Jill’s heart. On his way out, Cane thinks it would have been nice if his Dad wished him good luck on his interview. Collin’s left stammering.

Jill won’t be controlled and she’ll stay calm with Collin. He married you for your money, Billy believes. You don’t think he loved me? Jill’s hurt. You think he’ll find another rich, lonely woman? You have me and the grandkids, Billy points out. Jill needs to talk to her husband. Billy gets that – but wait until you get home. In tears, Jill ignores Billy’s parting words –  ‘I love you’.

Hilary needs Devon to sign off on something – he’s the boss after all (and she likes her job) Devon has no intention of firing Hilary. Let’s keep it that way, Hilary leaves Devon to read – let me know if you want any changes.

Arriving at GC Buzz, Cane’s annoyed to see Jordan. Now the boss, Vikki didn’t see the need to consult Cane. In fact, she’s thinking of hiring Jordan to work for BnS exclusively. Hilary watches as Cane’s left to absorb that revelation.

When Cane asks a staffer to add more chairs, Vikki appears to say the seating is how she wants it – SHE’S the one being interviewed. If we add you and Billy the set will be too crowded. Are you going to micromanage everything? Cane huffs. Billy appears to remind that he’s not co-CEO anymore.

Neil accosts Collin at the club; why are you drinking when your wife’s in the ICU. You stole her money. Collin vows to pay it all back and since our children are married to each other … (Collin tries his angle) No, Neil’s not asking Devon for money. Did you ever love Jill? Why did you marry her? he wonders.

Jill flashes back to various fights with Collin (including one involving Kay)