Tuesday, February 21st

Having overheard what transpired between Vikki and her former co-CEO’s, Devon sympathizes with Cane and leads him aside to discuss Collin. He won’t come to you for money, Cane assures. Sure, Collin’s a thief and a liar but he’s made Jill a lot of money – he’ll pay her back. He loves Jill very much, Cane defends his Dad. He then praises and hugs Lily (as Hilary watches) And as everyone takes their spots, Jordan snaps photos, Cane and Billy glaring at one another from opposite ends of the studio.

Neil’s not insinuating anything – he’s telling Collin straight up; you were broke, Jill’s rich. Collin insists that he loves his wife. Neil also encourages Collin to forget about money (as a way to get Jill back) When love is real, there’s no greater power. Be the man Jill fell in love with.

Jill dreams of yet another argument with Kay (in which Kay slapped her and barked ‘wake up’)

The cameras rolling, Hilary and Mariah introduce Vikki – who then introduces Lily – who raves about Dare and the men’s products. Hilary then turns her attention to Jordan – and now let’s get a shot of the handsome Cane. She then coaxes him and Jordan to come on camera for a product demonstration (as Devon and Billy frown on the sidelines)

Jill dreams some more about Kay (a ‘stubborn fool’ whose life she’s trying to save) Now awake, Jill reaches for her phone and dials.

When Hilary decides to demonstrate the body spray, Cane takes his shirt off (as does Jordan) Lily sprays Cane; Hilary and Mariah spray Jordan. All are having a great time – except for Vikki (who just looks uncomfortable)

Hilary and Mariah flank Jordan; Cane’s flanked by Vikki and Lily as the segment comes to a wrap. What the hell were you doing? Billy snarls. Selling the product – you could have taken off your shirt, Cane nonchalantly replies. After Vikki silences Billy with one word; ‘don’t’, Hilary makes a point of flirting with Jordan in front of Devon.

Appearing with flowers, Collin looks heartbroken by the sight of Jill looking weak and tired in bed.

On the CL’s patio, Billy tells Vikki that today’s segment is trending. She’s OK with being upstaged by Cane and Jordan’s spontaneous performance. Isn’t sales what matters? Billy thinks it matters that Vikki’s seen as BnS’s CEO – Cane could become a problem who’s hard to get rid off.