Wednesday, February 22nd

Jill doesn’t appreciate the flowers – they’re as dead as our marriage. They’ll blossom again – just like our marriage, Collin realizes he messed things up but wants to start again. You’ll never lay another finger on my body or bank account – Jill only summoned Collin to see his face when she dumps him.

On the CL’s patio, Vikki jokes about the irony of Billy taking a stance against scoundrels who betray their wives. Jill won’t let a heart attack OR Collin defeat her. Nick joins them and wastes little time blabbing that Reed ‘killed it’ at open mic night. He did what!? Vikki’s stunned.

Noah serves Mariah a glass of champagne – on the house to celebrate the interview. Cane taking his shirt off got the highest hits of the day, she reports – second is the video she uploaded of Reed at open mic night. On cue, Reed arrives – what’d I do wrong now? he wonders.

At the main house, Sharon apologizes for pouring milk over Nikki’s head – I wish I had a way to make it up to you. Actually, there is, Nikki replies.

Collin refuses to believe that he and Jill are over. All you lost was money – you still have your health. I’m lying in a hospital bed, Jill scoffs – I guess I should be thanking you for giving me a heart attack. Collin will even get a job for Jill. You proved you loved money more than me, she won’t budge.

Back on the patio, Vikki defends her strict discipline of Reed to Billy and Nick – he broke the rules. If he’s in prison now he’s about to experience solitary confinement, she¬†scowls.

Showing the online clip to Reed, Mariah’s sorry – she didn’t know that he was grounded. I’ll never be able to leave the house again, he whines.

Listing all the positives Sharon has in her life, Nikki wants to start a shelter for women who are truly in need. It’s her way of honouring Dylan’s pledge to serve and protect. Why ask for Sharon’s help? Nikki thinks she can empathize with these broken women; help them rebuild their lives. How? Sharon wonders (when she doesn’t even know how to rebuild her own life)

Sharon’s surprised by Nikki’s kind words. You were strong for Nick and now you need to be strong for Dylan – live a life that warrants his sacrifice, Nikki encourages. Smiling, Sharon realizes that Dylan gave her everything she needs to move on with her life.