Tuesday, February 21st

Cane carries Lily through the front door ~kiss~ The kids are at a playday so it’s honeymoon time. Surely Vikki must see your value now, Lily assumes. No, Cane doesn’t think she or Billy will be happy until his life is misery.

Jordan gives Hilary a hug and appreciates Mariah voting for his abs on the online survey. Shaking Jordan’s hand, Devon’s left to admit that Hilary made him nervous before flipping it around – you can be a class act. Cane worked hard to make Lily look good, Hilary knows he loves his wife. Hilary flirting with Jordan made Devon realize that she’ll soon be free to date whomever she wants. He doesn’t like that and thinks Hilary feels the same way ~kiss~

No, Cane won’t leave BnS – he won’t give Vikki and Billy the satisfaction. Plus, he gets to work with the sexy brand ambassador ~kiss~ Cane’s shirt comes off again as he carries Lily to the bedroom.

Back on the CL’s patio, Billy grumbles to Vikki about Collin (and Cane would do anything to get what he wants, just like his Father)

I’m so glad you called – Collin has so much to say to Jill. She has a lot to say too. It’s time we discussed our future. She envisions Kay sitting in a chair in the corner and tears up.

Next: I’m sorry for pouring milk over your head, Sharon wishes there was a way to make it up to Nikki. Actually, there is, Nikki replies… Hey – teen of the hour right there, Noah calls out as Reed arrives at Underground. What’d I do now? he sulks…. You should have heard him – he really killed it at open mic night, Nick blabs. He did what!? this is clearly news to Vikki.

My Thoughts: I don’t blame Vikki for looking so uncomfortable. She’s probably wondering how her interview turned into an opening scene of an adult movie. Mariah practically throwing herself at Jordan as he was leaving was particularly pathetic. It’s hard to connect her to the woman in high heels who stalked Tyler and his fiance Abby. Devon’s so easily manipulated –¬†Hilary will always have the upper hand it seems (I’ve given up hope that he’ll hook up with Mariah) … Sure Collin’s an idiot, but Neil’s the last person who should be giving anyone marital advice ….¬†It was great to see flashbacks of Kay – and the closing scene of her sitting in Jill’s room was very well done. I hope Jill finds the strength to dump Collin.