Wednesday, February 22nd

Nick and Billy encourage Vikki to support Reed’s musicianship. The boys agree that she should build a better relationship with┬áher talented son.

Noah and Mariah tell Reed to relax – we’ve got your back. When a customer comes along to praise Reed’s performance, Noah announces that he’ll be performing on a regular basis. As the flirtatious fan wanders off, Mariah laughs about Reed having a groupie. Reed doesn’t want to be a rock star – he just wants to play his songs. He looks over at the fan (who’s smiling at him with her friends)

You used me from day one – Kay knew it too, Jill rants – then tells Collin about Cash and Rex Sterling (a conman with a heart of gold who was murdered) Kay learned from that and ended up with the wonderful Murphy. Kay was a drunk and a floozy – I’m not sorry she’s gone, Collin declares her an albatross around Jill’s neck. You should be dancing on her grave! The monitors beep as Jill clutches her heart and struggles to breathe.

Leave now or you’ll be escorted out, the nurse gets rid of Collin to tend to Jill (who wheezes ‘I can’t breathe’)

Chelsea joins Nick at CL’s. He thinks they’re lucky to have young kids. Vikki’s having a hard time parenting Reed. We need to enjoy these toddler years.

Reed comes home to find Billy with Vikki. She wonders what took him so long to get home – the library closed an hour ago. Billy’s attempt to referee goes nowhere. No, Vikki didn’t see the video, Nick told her about open mic night. School comes before music. Mariah barely knows me and she understands – so does Noah, Reed explains that Mariah posted his performance online. Did you even go to the library? Yes, then Reed stopped by Underground on his way home. He’s glad he did. Noah and Mariah are more supportive than my own Mother.

Reed got the books he needed from the library and here’s my math homework. Billy defends Vikki (and is shut up again) Why did you go to the Underground tonight? she asks. Reed stopped in to say hi to Noah (who asked him to perform next week) Do I have to tell him my Mommy won’t let me?

Chelsea and Nick chat about their adorable kids. Christian is super serious, he relays. Noah’s like me – laid back. I wonder why that is. Christian’s lucky to have you for a Dad, Chelsea says. A cheerful Sharon then joins them to announce that she’s not going to focus on Dylan, she’s going to focus on positive things. Chelsea’s surprised to hear she’s quitting her job.

At Underground, Nikki updates Noah and Mariah that she and Sharon called a truce (thanks to Noah) We bonded over our memories and have both been struggling over Dylan leaving. We realized we’re on the same side. Noah beams.

A nurse updates Collin in the hallway – Jill needs to rest. He can go in for a few minutes, but don’t let her get upset. Now back in her room, Collin wants to make it up to Jill. The only thing she wants is a martini (but must be a teetotaler thanks to him) Collin thinks Jill needs him as much as he needs her (but won’t admit it)

These stents have repaired my broken heart, Jill assures Collin that it will go on beating without him. I’m the only one you can count on, Collin disses Ester, Billy, Lauren and Cane. I’m the only one you’ve got. Jill wishes she could believe that he’d never hurt her – but he’s not a good man. I deserve better than a con. ‘Leave’, she rolls over. Collin does so without further word.

Reed and Vikki argue about her rules. Asked not to leave, Billy agrees to mediate. Both then talk through him. Vikki doesn’t want Reed playing at a bar (around a bunch of drunk people) especially on a school night. He needs an audience – just like she needs feedback on BnS products to know if they’re any good.

Sharon announces that she’s the new manager at CL’s – she has lots of ideas; redoing the menu etc. Maybe she’ll give Underground a run for it’s money. Nick’s supportive as they talk about Noah being born prematurely. Noah’s proof that I can overcome anything, Sharon claims.