Thursday, February 23rd

Making it past nervous-nelly Ester, Jack visits Jill as she relaxes at home. I’m not on death’s door, she scoffs. Jack brought a gift; a Jack in the box. When she brings up their deal, Jack informs that he knows Collin stole all her money.

Ending a call with ‘try harder!’ Lauren lets Phyllis in and updates that Scotty’s editors don’t want to admit he’s disappeared. She hasn’t heard from him since a dropped call on Valentine’s Day. He’s being held against his will – I don’t even know if my son’s alive!

Mike arrives at Jabot to find Gloria being the efficient receptionist. One day, my name will be on the door, she vows. Gloria’s not sure where Jack is, keeping track of him isn’t one of her official responsibilities. What unofficial responsibilities do you have? Mike asks.

Sharon’s behind the counter when Noah drops by CL’s. Does she really want to leave the world of fashion to pour coffee? Wondering why his Mom defends Dylan, Noah then announces that he and Marisa broke up.

Phyllis orders Lauren to take the day off – she’ll take over. Let’s do a working lunch at the club. No, Lauren must stay by her landline in case Scott or the State Department calls. Ok, take a shower – Phyllis will sit by the phone.

Moving chairs around the reception area, Gloria lists the duties she’s responsible for. Mike won’t discuss the deal he’s finalizing between Jack and Lauren. Gloria’s hurt. Mike equally chagrined that she’s pretending her job’s legitimate.

Jill’s furious to hear that Collin went to Jack asking for an extension so he could get her money back. She can’t believe she married this blunder from down under. Refusing to calm down, Jill insists Jack stick to their deal.

Noah updates Sharon that Marisa’s been given visitation with her daughter, so has moved to Spain. He’s OK with being single. Sharon’s never learned how to be happy on her own. Now, thanks to Dylan, she can. Noah relays Nikki saying that Dylan HAD to leave – what did she mean?

Noah’s very good at keeping secrets. Obviously agreeing, Sharon confides that Dylan left to protect her and everyone she loves.

Jack puts Jill back on the sofa with a blanket. You’re recovering from a Collin induced trauma – you need to get over your addiction to him. Jill vows to walk into Jack’s office one day soon with a big check to buy his Fenmores shares. Giving her a kiss on the forehead, Jack looks forward to it. Jill’s left to play with her Jack in the box.

Back at the office, Gloria claims that Jack recognized her unique talents when she helped him acquire Fenmores. You mean conspired with him – Mike guesses she’s blackmailing Jack. Yes, I have scandalous photos of him, she cackles. Mike chuckles – if you had photos you’d hold out for a better job.

Paying for the food she ordered, Phyllis joins Lauren to admire a framed photo of the ‘handsome’ Scotty. I must be as brave as he is, Lauren looks anything but.