Wednesday, February 22nd

Noah’s glad that Nikki worked things out with his Mom (but she bristles when he blames Dylan for messing with Sharon’s head) Nikki defends Dylan – it was hard for him to leave. He had no choice. Noah looks puzzled.

What do you mean Dylan didn’t have a choice? Noah presses. He needed to make a clean break because of Sharon’s lies, Nikki lies. Curious, Noah wants answers – he won’t tell anyone, not even Mom. Nikki can’t say anything that’ll help him understand. Gotta go – bye. Mariah rejoins Noah – that looked intense. Yes, Noah’s OK – he’s not sure his Mom and Grandma are.

Chelsea supports Sharon’s decision to run CL’s – and be a good role model for Faith. Is there some secret to not feeling alone? Sharon asks. Chelsea’s comforted by her memories of Adam. Appreciating all the good advice she’s received today, Sharon goes home.

It’s an all-ages open mic night, Reed persists – watch the video. People liked it. Vikki warns that Reed might not make it in the music business. Reed would rather dig ditches than push paper around for a mean boss like Vikki. After Reed runs upstairs, Billy shows Vikki the video – he’s not lying, the crowd loves him.

As Collin hovers in the hallway, Jill looks over at the flowers he brought – then turns away looking devastated.

Next: Noah questions his Mom – Grandma said Dylan didn’t have a choice, what did she mean by that? …. Gloria pouts – it hurts deeply that you’re shutting me out. I’m equally chagrined that you insist that your job here is legitimate, Mike replies … You made a solid offer and I’m going to hold you to it, Jill (now at home) vows to Jack.

My Thoughts; If only Chelsea and Nick spent half as much time WITH their kids as they do laughing at videos and telling each other (and anyone else who’ll listen) about how great their kids are … Collin was loathsome in his harsh words about Kay. I’ll never see Jill in a positive light if she takes him back. He’s a first class jerk AND a thief. How could Jill ever bring him to the house she shared with Kay? … Drunk people at Underground Vikki? Really? Ironically, the only drunk person I’ve ever seen there is your ex Billy…. Vikki’s right, not everyone who thinks they have a future in ‘the arts’ makes it (she failed at being an artist despite studying abroad at the best schools)