Thursday, February 23rd

Dylan went into the witness protection program to escape the drug cartel, Sharon confides in Noah (who thinks that screwed up) Dylan was a soldier; used to putting the mission first, Sharon adds.

When Jack arrives at the office, Gloria leaps into receptionist-mode. Hold my calls, he thanks her as he and Mike retreat into his office and be informed that Lauren canceled their meeting because Scotty’s missing. Jack then blabs that Jill’s recovering from a heart attack at home and may not be buying his shares in Fenmores (another surprise to Mike)

On her tablet, Jill finds some stocks Collin didn’t get his hands on (but not enough to buy Jack’s shares) Ester’s made a low fat, low sodium lunch – and knows a thing or two about stocks (thanks to Kay) Jill fumes about not being able to buy Jack’s shares. Ester’s not happy to find Collin at the door (there to get his stuff) He’s surprised to find Jill home.

Collin shouldn’t be surprised that the resilient Jill’s recovering so quickly. Ester plays guard dog and informs that Billy donated his stuff to charity. Jill’s more annoyed than Collin (who’s OK with it – even if his clothes were all he had left)

Phyllis continues to support Lauren – and as a distraction fires up her laptop to show her the new online virtual dressing room.

A corporate crisis is the last thing Lauren needs, Mike scowls. Jill’s been after the shares for a while – and didn’t know about Scotty, Jack points out. He won’t use this situation with Scott to make any unilateral decisions about Fenmores. Tell Lauren my thoughts and prayers are with him. Eavesdropping, Gloria jumps away from the door when Mike exits (suggesting she use a glass next time) Gloria wastes no time going in to perch on Jack’s desk – what’s going on between my son and Lauren????

Get off my desk, Jack refuses to divulge what Mike told him (until threatened with blackmail) What he sees as a regrettable one night stand, she sees as ‘colleagues with benefits’ (since it was TWO nights) Updated, Gloria would like to help her step-grandson. She then goes around the desk to massage Jack’s shoulders. ‘Right there, right there, yes’ he moans.

Mariah works at a gossip TV show – Sharon can’t confide in her (or Faith – or Nick) Noah won’t tell anyone.