Thursday, February 23rd

Warning Collin not to steal anything, Ester leaves Jill and Collin to have at it. He wanted to be a successful investor. Jill never cared about the money. He did, and he wanted her respect. When Ester appears with soup, Collin leaves – take care of yourself. Lashing out at Ester, Jill wants to be alone (to stare at Kay’s portrait)

Jill talks to Kay’s portrait – you were right not to trust Collin but you were a fool for love too before meeting Murphy. I won’t take him back, she vows (though clearly wants to) Jill will live til she dies too; get back on her feet and finish what she started.

In the park, Collin finds a homeless guy wearing his cashmere coat. It was donated by mistake. But I’m no different; I’m homeless too (except for the generosity of my son) Keep the coat, it looks better on you, Collin walks off.

Sharon and Noah toast to moving on and being single. There’ll be no double dating. Noah’s glad to see his Mom happy – and she’s glad to have someone to confide in (and that he told her about Marisa) ~hug~

Through the office door left ajar, Mike catches an eyeful of Gloria mauling Jack as he groans loudly – that feels so good.

Checking out the virtual dressing room, Lauren wonders if all the links to JabotGo won’t lead visitors off their site. Phyllis will have Ravi recode the app so JabotGo won’t load until the visitor has tried on all their outfits. Yes, he can do it by tomorrow. Lauren sends Phyllis off to help Ravi with her thanks and a hug. The phone rings – an unknown caller. Hello? We have your son – 10 million dollars or he dies.

Next: We have an enormous, horrible, awful problem Ravi tells Phyllis … We’re gonna pay the ransom, Lauren tells Paul – we have no other choice … It would have been less bizarre to see Victor Newman here taking dictation in a pencil skirt – what are your intentions with my Mother!?

My Thoughts: Thanks Jack – nothing like a toy that pops up unexpectedly for a person recovering from a heart attack. At least Jill only has to pump her right arm, not her left … Nice of Collin to let the homeless guy keep a jacket he was either given or paid for at a thrift shop. I don’t think he really understands the meaning of ‘homeless’ – he has a roof over his head (even if it is his son’s) Yes, of course the jacket looks better on the homeless guy – he’s at least half your age! …. Did Sharon and Noah actually toast to ‘no more lies’? that’s as rich as the hot chocolate in their mugs. At least this lie they share is for the greater good. Note that Sharon acknowledged that she’d never learned to be alone – then talks about ‘casual dating’ (which hopefully doesn’t mean casual sex – like when she conceived Faith) If Sharon were dating she wouldn’t exactly be alone… Why the hell wouldn’t Jack and Gloria close the office door? As horrific a sight as it was for Mike, Ashley or Phyllis would have blown a gasket. Did Jack really need to moan and groan so loudly?