Friday, February 24th

Jack moans as Gloria rubs his shoulders. Looking greatly disturbed, Mike’s back with the revised contract. Am I supposed to pretend I didn’t see what I just saw? he asks.

Still at home, Lauren welcomes Paul with a weepy hug – who’s got my son????

Phyllis barges into Ravi’s office to discuss the virtual dressing room app. We have an awful, horrible problem, he informs.

Nikki drops by Vikki’s (who’s up in her office) It’s Reed she came to see. Do you read music? Not really but he can figure it out. Good, Nikki hands him some papers. She was amazed by the video Noah sent her. Vikki appears – go ahead, tell her how you pulled off open mic on a school night – at a bar.

Phyllis will help whatever problems Ravi’s having. Due to media saturation, Ravi worries about the huge amount of traffic – the app will crash and burn. Take a breath, Phyllis suggests they postpone the launch.

Paul could only trace the call to the middle East. It’s a top priority for his contact. They have to help us! Lauren wails. No one knows where Scott was going or who he was meeting with – Paul knows she must be terrified. We have to pay the ransom! she insists. Paul thinks that could be a terrible mistake.

Jack claims that he injured his shoulder water skiing – Gloria’s magic fingers have worked again – thank you. Mike wonders if finger magic is part of Gloria’s job duties. She couldn’t leave him paralyzed – that’s the arm that signs her paychecks, Gloria says as she leaves. Mike refuses to leave until Jack explains why he gave her a job – you loath each other.

Mike’s not asking about romantic intentions and hopes Jack’s not setting Gloria up. Jack suggests Mike put her on his payroll. Mike’s skeptical that Jack has good intentions. I owe her – I pay my debt – she helped me acquire shares in Fenmores, Jack explains.

Phyllis can’t get into details but Lauren’s dealing with a family issue which she can’t help with. Ravi tells a story about he and his Dad building a wall and planting a garden when his Uncle lost his wife. Let’s build a wall for Lauren (finish the app) What are we waiting for? Lauren’s onboard.

Paul’s not sure Scotty will be released once the ransom’s paid. He understands being worried about a son – he doesn’t know where Dylan is. Lauren doesn’t see the parallel – my son’s life is in danger!