Friday, February 24th

Paul just wants Lauren to make a good decision. She’s sorry she yelled at him. Paul has a plan on who to call for help – we’ll take this one step at a time. Lauren wishes it wouldn’t take weeks or months. Both turn as Mike walks in (with a frown)

Lauren and Paul update Mike on the 10 million ransom request. Of course Lauren was right to call Paul. She wants to sell everything to pay the ransom. Paul wants her to consider options. What choice do we have? Lauren tells Mike that they’re on their own ~hug~

Giving his Mom the silent treatment, Reed knew it was too good to be true – what’s the catch? Getting his guitar from the closet, Vikki just wants Reed to play for her.

You couldn’t stand working with me but hire Gloria? Phyllis notes the tension between them. And your sister talks trash to employees behind my back. Yes, Ravi – who’s working on the dressing room app as we speak. Jack no longer finds it difficult to work with Phyllis, he’s over it. Assuming he has another woman, Phyllis isn’t buying this whole ’embracing forgiveness’ act. Jack’s left alone to frown.

Mike doubts the kidnappers will wait patiently for the ransom. Paul appeals to Mike – paying could put more journalists in danger. Mike will support whatever Lauren wants to do; Scotty’s HER son.

Reed plays his song ‘Just A Matter of Time’ for his Mom (who’s impressed)

Phyllis is back in Ravi’s office for an honest opinion – am I needy? Am I afraid to be alone? Isn’t everyone? he answers.

What’s the rush? Nikki snaps when Gloria almost bowls her over (at the club_ She’s then dismayed to see Jack follow Gloria upstair.

Next: I don’t know how many times I’ve told you how much I appreciate your contribution – I’d like to prove it, Vikki surprises Cane … Victor asks Nikki what she thinks about him writing the story of his life … The Baldwins are at Jill’s – can you lend us the money? I’m sorry, I can’t, Jill’s genuinely distressed.