Friday, February 24th

Back and forth, Reed and Vikki plead their cases for Nikki. Reed will practice the music when he’s un-grounded in 6 weeks. After he marches upstairs, Vikki tells Nikki that Reed stole her card and joined an online adult site. Immensely amused, Nikki laughs.

Nikki thinks it normal that a teenage boy’s curious about sex but he shouldn’t have used your credit card. She then reminds Vikki that she posed naked in a magazine (which Victor had to buy up all copies and the publishing company) You think I’m a hypocrite, Vikki concludes.

Deciding to tackle the app issues (instead of postponing the launch) Phyllis jokes that Ravi must have heard a lot about her from Ashley. She has no problem with us being friends, Ravi assures. Jack and I barely talk to one another, Phyllis knows the drama is affecting the company. She’ll go tell Jack that they’ll work all night to fix the app if necessary.

When Gloria returns to his office, Jack appreciates how she handled the situation with Mike – but we must be more discreet. Gloria wonders what this relationship is. Would it be so wrong?

Are you suggesting we should date? In public? Jack asks – as Phyllis takes a call outside the open door. No, Gloria’s not suggesting they should be a couple but we should admit to ourselves and others that we’ve put out vendetta.. to bed. She can be so much more than a receptionist to an open minded CEO. Jack won’t give her special treatment but rewards loyalty. Gloria’s attempt to hook up with Jack later is declined. She’ll keep her cell and webcam on in case he changes his mind. After Gloria leaves, Phyllis walks in – she’d like to talk about the line between professional and personal – if Jack has the time.

Nikki doesn’t think Vikki a hypocrite. I do, Vikki sighs – how will I get through the next five years? Then Johnny and Katie? Promising Vikki that she and Reed will get through this, Nikki leaves uttering some hip jargon about snapchat. Vikki then calls Reed down for cookies, a walk down memory lane – and an offer to get him a music instructor. But she wants something in return….