Monday, February 27th

Billy comes down happy to see Jill recovering well. She appreciates the doting son act but not his meddling in her personal life. He shouldn’t have donated all Collin’s stuff.

At the Ashby home, Lily asks Collin what his plans are (yes, she wonders if he’s looking for a place to live and is counting the minutes until he moves out and on with his life)

Called into BnS early, Cane’s on the defensive. No reprimand from Vikki – she appreciates his contribution and would like to prove it.

At the ranch, Nikki’s pleased to hear that Victor secured corporate donations for the Better Days Foundation benefit. He’s engrossed in reading Ruthless (the book Leanna Love wrote about him)

Mike’s brought Lauren to the club; she must eat something to keep up her strength. No need to inform Fen until they know something. Lauren, of course, worries about paying the ransom and hopefully freeing Scotty. We’ll get the money – somehow, Mike vows.

Vikki wants Cane to be the point person for BnS’s Asian division – then introduces Juliette (just in from Tokyo) Pleased to be trusted in this role, Cane takes Juliette into the conference room to talk business – I think you’ll be impressed.

Back at the club, Lauren’s willing to sacrifice Fenmores for Scotty. Mike thinks it’ll take too long to liquidate – we’ll have to go to our family. He then updates that Jill had a heart attack – she’s fine and already at home. She’ll put Scotty’s welfare above corporate issues, they’re sure.

Billy balks at being painted the bad guy – Collin’s the one who stole all your money (and caused Jill’s heart attack) Deciding not to argue about ‘boundaries’, Billy apologizes for donating Collin’s stuff. Jill’s sorry too ~hug~ Off to work, Billy asks Jill to be strong when it comes to Collin.

Collin promises he won’t be camping at Lily’s forever – he’s waiting for his investments to pay off and updates that Billy donated all his stuff. He found a homeless guy wearing his coat in the park. Collin appreciates Lily’s generosity; moreso when she gives him money to buy his stuff back. She knows Collin doesn’t mean to hurt people – and believes that he loves Jill – that’s what makes this so tragic.