Monday, February 27th

This book is trash, Nikki sniffs – you bought and burned every copy, she reminds. It’s not all lies, Victor’s not afraid of his past. What if I wrote the story of my life? From my own point of view?

At BnS, Bill relays having a good conversation with his Mom. Vikki had a good talk with her son – he played guitar for her and is now un-grounded from it. As Billy looks into the conference room, Vikki explains that she gave Cane the Asian division because he’ll do a good job with it.

Ester announces Mike and Lauren (who hugs Jill and is happy that she’s OK) Jill makes some jokes about living to be 100 – don’t treat me like a fragile flower. She then notices that the Baldwin’s don’t look well. Scotty’s being held for ransom, Lauren hates to ask – but can you lend us the money? Near tears herself, Jill’s so sorry – I can’t.

Yes, Victor wants to publish his memoirs. Nikki’s supportive – but why? For our kids and grandchildren – and no, Victor doesn’t want to make videos. This sounds a bit morbid to Nikki. Yes, Victor’s willing to include the bad and the good.

Rummaging through a thrift shop, Collin finds a coat that brings back memories of when Jill gifted it to him (to go celebrate her running CI) Putting a few coats on the counter, he finds his watch in a basket (another memory – an anniversary gift)

Jill expresses her embarrassment to the Baldwin’s – I’d help if I could, she swears. No, it’s NOT OK (she blames Collin) Lauren assures Jill that she’ll figure something out. As they reach the front door, Lauren’s phone beeps. It’s them! she looks at Mike in terror.

After her wardrobe fitting, Lily asks Billy for her schedule for March. Cane still in the conference room with Juliette, Billy wants to clear the air with Lily. She’s all for keeping the peace but is NOT on Collin’s ‘side’.

Finding Jill’s music box (along with another memory) Collin takes it to the cashier (who doesn’t know where it came from)

Surprised that the Baldwins left, Ester insists Jill eat something healthy. We both know what Mrs C would say and you couldn’t ignore her. You’re right, Jill agrees – I never could.