Tuesday, February 28th

When Vikki clip-clops in to say that Billy’s showing the new rep around, Cane caustically wonders if that’s a good idea. As for Juliette, Cane thinks her smart with a lot of good ideas – and she likes MY ideas. But, he suspects this may be Vikki’s clever way of getting him out of her hair.

At the ranch, Lauren’s having a fit because her phone has less than 50% charge and ‘spotty’ reception. Nikki reports that Victor’s on the phone with his contacts – they WILL find your son. Victor reports that Scotty’s being held in difficult terrain. Do NOT pay the ransom – his operatives will pinpoint Scotty’s exact location and take action.

Ester has an assortment of magazines for Jill (who just wants to rest on the couch) No, she’s NOT hungry or thirsty – stop staring at me! As soon as fusspot Ester finally leaves, Jill’s on the phone downplaying her heart attack – it’s time to get back to work. Lily appears to scold her.

Using the key to open a safety deposit box, Collin finds an envelope addressed to Jill – and a ring in a box (which goes into his pocket)

Jill loves the cards Lily’s brought from the twins. Claiming she won’t lecture Jill, Lily does so anyway – no more business calls. She then updates that Cane’s in charge of Brash n Sassy’s Asian division. Jill’s pleased Vikki realizes his value.

This is an amazing opportunity – it’s a big deal, Vikki thinks Cane should be grateful (or she’ll find someone else for the job) Billy comes in to rave about Juliette and would love to head the Asian roll-out. He even has contacts in Hong Kong. Vikki sticks with her original plan – Cane.

Victor won’t pay 10 million if he doesn’t even know Scotty’s alive. It’s been a few days since he called – but I’d know if he was dead! Lauren’s sure. Mike agrees with Victor – we need verification. Victor’s certain the kidnappers will call – ask for a photo of Scotty. They might say no and kill my son, Lauren weeps in Mike’s arms.

Lily entertains Jill with photos of the kids on her phone. Oops – here’s one of Collin – he’s staying with us – temporarily (Lily prays) Jill warns Lily to watch her wallet. She was furious with Collin. Was? Does that mean you’re not anymore? Lily wonders.

Now at the Ashby’s home, Collin summons an appraiser over to check out the diamond and emerald ring. The envelope addressed to Jill remains unopened – and he resists the urge to call her.