Monday, February 27th

Mike and Lauren now show up at the ranch. Nikki’s prattling on about the weather is cut off – we really need to see Victor. The Baldwins are left alone to wonder whether Victor will help them – saving a journalist is a cause he might be willing to fight for. We need your help – there’s no time to lose! Lauren wastes no time when Nikki returns with Victor.

Fully updated by Billy, Lily can’t believe Jill was fooled by Collin again – and now SHE’S sharing her home with the father in law from hell. Cane can’t let his Father live on the street – and she gave Collin money to go buy his stuff back. Billy hopes Cane appreciates what an awesome wife he has (especially now that he has more responsibility) Oh, you haven’t heard? Cane’s in a meeting right now about overseeing the Asian branch. Vikki, Cane, and Juliette all come out for introductions. After Juliette steps aside to take a call, Cane tells Vikki that the meeting couldn’t have gone better. Billy’s eyebrows do a dance.

Lauren shows Victor and Nikki the text the kidnappers sent her – we need 10 million (and will pay you back every dime) How do we know Scotty’s alive and that they’ll keep their word? Victor has to ask. None of the authorities know anything – which makes things more complicated, Victor concludes. In tears, Lauren needs to know if Victor will help – you’d move heaven and earth to save one of your children. Lauren begs him to do the same for hers.

Lily’s thrilled for Cane ~hug~ In the conference room, Billy thinks Vikki a brilliant strategist (now Cane won’t be complaining around here)

Whatever Ester made Jill to eat ‘isn’t horrible. I’m actually eating it’, she calls out. Are you happy now? she asks Kay’s portrait.

At the Ashby’s, Collin feels around the mysterious music box and finds a hidden to City Trust and Savings.

Victor will help on one condition; Mike and Lauren must do exactly what he says. Let’s get to work. Nikki’s left to look worried.

Next: Cane questions Vikki: I’m kinda wondering if giving me this assignment was your clever way of getting me out of your hair… Collin’s in a room of safety deposit boxes – stunned at the boxed ring he’s holding …. Victor, Mike and Nikki stand by as Lauren’s on the phone – I need to know that my son’s alive – send me a picture of him NOW, she demands.