Wednesday, March 1st

Jill and Ester bicker over the envelope – this is SO bizarre. What does Kay want to tell me and do I want to hear it? Jill ponders.

At the club, Collin admires the emerald ring, but can his appraiser really find a buyer with that much money? Billy arrives to dish out some snark. After the appraiser leaves, Billy tells Collin he’s history – Jill’s done with you. Collin’s confident that Jill will soon have her money – and I’ll have my wife.

At the penthouse, Chloe’s got wine in hand and her feet up on the coffee table – ‘just like old times’. Chelsea comes down looking ‘exquisite’ but second dates are for wearing sweats, Chloe claims. Oh? This is your third date? That’s almost a relationship, she teases.

Nick’s brought Christian to his Mom’s to be babysat while he goes on his date with Chelsea. It’ll be nice to take her out somewhere where the Newman family isn’t involved, he jokes. Faith does NOT like what she hears from the staircase.

Chloe continues to tease Chelsea – who’s being ‘girlie’ by obsessing over which earrings to wear. Chelsea now feels ready – to date. And she has the Newmans blessing. What’s stopping you then? Chloe wonders. This outfit’s wrong, Chelsea jumps up to change.

Nick tells his Mom that he and Chelsea are taking things slow – one date at a time. Nikki suggests the next step is telling Faith – she had questions the other night. Nick knows Faith was pushing for him and Chelsea – now he can give her the thumbs up. Still in hiding, Faith’s expression speaks otherwise. Putting his coat on, Nick relays a message for Faith – tell her I love her and we’ll talk tomorrow.

Still at the club, Billy’s confident that Jill will never take Collin back – you almost killed her. Collin’s equally confident – the history and chemistry he and Jill share doesn’t just go away.

After shooing the annoying Ester out of the room, Jill reads the letter – My dear Jill, Murphy and I will soon be heading on our trip. You’ll find this letter after I’m gone – after you’ve followed the path I’ve laid. The annoying journey will lead you to what’s rightfully yours. Rightfully mine? a baffled Jill looks at Kay’s portrait.

Over Christian (in his playpen) Nikki chats with Faith (who heard her Dad but didn’t want to interrupt) Asked about family photos, Nikki laments that many were lost in the fire – but she’ll go look for some.

Answering the door, Chloe has a lot to say to Nick (basically that she fully supports this relationship) We’re keeping it low-key, Nick points out. Keep telling yourself that, Chloe says as she leaves. Nick’s left to look completely blown away when Chelsea appears at the top of the stairs.