Tuesday, February 28th

Noticing that Lauren’s picked her nail polish off, Nikki’s brought down Faith’s manicure kit. Holding Lauren’s shaking hand, Nikki reassures – Victor knows what he’s doing. Nothing will go wrong with his plan.

Mike’s NOT onboard with his brother going to the Middle East. Victor’s sending Kevin because he’s a familiar face to Scotty. I want to do this for Lauren, Kevin insists. Come home, Mike orders with a hug. Safe travels, Victor adds. After Kevin leaves, Mike’s not happy about Victor endangering his brother. Trust me, Victor soothes.

Collin’s now with the appraiser at the club. This ring is a truly exceptional find, he’s told – then is stunned by the estimate he’s handed.

Comparing the handwriting, Jill finally agrees with Ester – it IS from Kay. Both are creeped out. What are you up to you old fossil? Jill growls at Kay’s portrait. There’s only one way to find out – open it, Ester orders.

Next: Faith’s on the phone – it’s Grandma. Something’s not right. You need to come right away. I’m scared. I’m on my way, Nick says (on a dinner date with Chelsea) …. Collin hopes his appraiser friend has brought him good news – everything depends on it …. Jill reads the letter aloud. I’m sorry if the journey annoyed you but in the end, it lead you to what is rightfully yours. Rightfully mine??? Jill’s puzzled.

My Thoughts: I know Lily hasn’t forgotten that her lecherous father in law is living in her home – she JUST whined about it to Jill. So why would she be prancing around by the front door in her bra and panties? Does Cane even plan to say goodbye to his kids? Was it necessary to tell Cane that she had a photoshoot with Jordan? No doubt Hilary will make the most of Cane’s time away. And it’s not like Lily’s completely trustworthy. It won’t take much for Cane to have doubts …. If Collin had ANY intention of changing, he would have gone directly to Jill with the music box (odd that no one found the key before) And did he not consider that Jill getting an envelope from Kay might alarm her? … Nice that Johnny’s learning early the dynamics of dysfunctional relationships from the best role models ever … Victor trusts Kevin implicitly? Someone better check his desk drawers for paper snowflakes; he’s losing his mind … OK, so no one’s saying that ISIS has Scotty but it’s a good guess. Shouldn’t Lauren be going to the military with this? I’m thinking they’d have a better chance of rescuing Scotty than Kevin and whoever his partner is. Going in alone is incredibly reckless and selfish. Ridiculous.