Thursday, March 2nd

Back at the club, Sherman chuckles – Collin’s con won’t work. This is no scam, Collin hands over a cashier’s check for the exact amount he borrowed/stole from Jill.

Jill continues to shout at Kay’s portrait – and plead with Murphy for info (who only knows that Jill was to find the safety deposit box and its contents) Whoever found the music box must have what Kay left me (and left the letter as the ultimate insult) Jill fumes. Murphy knows that Kay agonized over the letter. And the first thing on Kay’s bucket list was to make peace with you. Jill tears up.

Faith did the same thing with Avery Nick reminds, then Sage (whom she later grew to adore) Chelsea thinks they need to respect Faith’s feelings. Nick’s sure she’ll be OK – Faith likes you. It’s because Dylan left, Chelsea realizes. Nick will never be with Sharon and Faith needs to understand that. He doesn’t see Chelsea as a complication – you make things very clear. You help me see what matters – you make me happy. Chelsea silences him with a kiss.

Phyllis pokes fun at Jack trying to use Gloria as a cover. She doesn’t have any ideas about reconciling with him and is going home to enjoy wine and use the Fenmores app to try on some gowns. Jack smiles when Gloria sends a saucy text inviting him over. Phyllis leans over to peek – are you going to pretend there’s no new woman?

As Ashley toasts Ravi at the club, Abby yet again wonders what she walked in on. Fenmores virtual change room is a big hit – join us, Ashley invites. Abby’s work day didn’t go as well as her Mom’s – it’s not easy working for Dad. Then come work for your Mom, Ashley quips.

Jill wishes she and Kay could have had it out over Phillip. The letter is so important and I might never have found it! Murphy suggests Kay wanted to have the last word. Jill’s last word would be plain and simple – I love you, Katherine. I’m sorry too, she again tears up.

Cuddling on the sofa with Nick, Chelsea can’t quite believe it. She thought a lot about it but…. Yes, she was afraid. But not anymore ~kiss~ Nick knows what he wants. Chelsea never expected to feel this way again. Both pause to look at their wedding rings and set them on the coffee table ~hug~

Abby appreciates but declines the offer. I’m the only kid Dad has working for him. Ashley understands but warns Abby that she may never have her Father’s approval. Collin comes over to say that Jill’s almost ready to finalize the deal for Fenmores. That deal’s no longer on the table, Ashley informs.

Murphy declines Jill and Ester’s offer to stay – there’s too many memories in this house. With hugs and one last look around, he salutes Kay’s portrait, ‘goodbye’. Jill’s left to apologize to Ester and thank her for calling Murphy (even if he didn’t exactly solve the mystery)