Thursday, March 2nd

Jack would appreciate Phyllis staying out of his personal life. Relax, Phyllis genuinely hopes whoever just texted Jack makes him happy. Jack’s left to mull it over.

Left alone with Ravi, Abby thinks him amazing but if he’s hoping to start a thing with her Mom …. No, we’re just co-workers, Ravi stammers. Good, Abby’s sure he’ll make some woman happy but it won’t be my Mom. Ravi’s visibly disappointed.

Nearby, Collin thinks Ashley should honour Jack’s commitment to Jill and sell her Jabot’s interest in Fenmores. No, not after today’s profits. In fact, Ashley should thank Collin. If he hadn’t stolen Jill’s money, Jill would be the one cashing in now.

David Sherman delivers a check to Jill but has no idea where he came up with the money. Jill knows exactly how he paid her back.

The Baldwins are back in Victor’s office when Kevin initiates a video chat. He’s with Victor’s resources and at the checkpoint and waiting to go to the next location. He’ll call as soon as he has Scotty. We now see a hooded man yanked out of the chair and cell he’s in.

Nick and Chelsea’s wine glasses are abandoned downstairs as they slowly take each others clothes off upstairs and hit the bed; Nick kissing his way up and down Chelsea’s body.

Next: Nick had something he had to do, Sharon says (Christian on her lap and Nikki in the background) Yup, he had a date, Faith blabs matter of factly … Jill’s about to rip the check in half when Collin stops her – please, don’t …. Lauren hisses at Victor – if the kidnappers ran, they think we double crossed them. What if my son pays the price for that?

My Thoughts: Oh please. It costs money to host web traffic (which is why I ask readers to please disable ad blockers to support this site) Fenmores won’t be making any profit until it makes actual sales. Let’s not forget that Lauren wanted the app to bring customers into her failing stores, not have them buy online) … Never mind that Chelsea has a baby grand piano that I’ve never seen anyone play, nor has she shown any interest or indication that she knows how to play piano – but still – what the hell Nick? Use a coaster. I can almost see the white ring of moisture forming under your wine bottle … Chelsea’s a designer – can’t she design a dress she can get in and out of without needing any assistance? … Once again, I must point out how ludicrous it is that the Chancellor estate doesn’t have any cameras or security system. A cheap basic camera on the front step would solve the mystery of who put the letter in Jill’s mail box. It was sad to see Murphy go – knowing it may be the last time we see him too. I’d gladly tune it to watch an hour of him running his tackle shop, fishing, puttering around his trailer or chatting with Pearl and Joe at the diner … Why exactly is Abby so sure that Ravi can’t have a relationship with her Mother? Is it the age difference? Or is Ravi too dark for Abby’s liking? Perhaps that’s why she never had a romantic interest in Devon. I still remember Vikki and Neil’s brief fling years and years ago – in which it was OFTEN lamented that they were ‘from different worlds’ – which was obvious code for ‘Hello; Neil is black’, He’s is and was always an educated man; hardly from another world) … Lauren’s whining is becoming so annoying I’m beginning to tune her out. Having gone to Victor for 10 million dollars and his help, when he tells you to go upstairs to have a free dinner you should thank him and damn well do it (and order the most expensive bottle of champagne) I’m still waiting for the conversation in which Lauren tells her BFF Phyllis that she’s gone to the man responsible for her repeatedly taken advantage of by Marco for help.