Monday, March 20th

Is that work? Aren’t you jetlagged? Lily asks Cane as she perches in his lap for a kiss. He does indeed have some work to attend to – but will pick Lily up after her photo shoot for dinner at Top of the Tower. After she goes to shower, Cane facetimes Juliet to show her the camisole. How did this get in my bag????

Juliet tells Cane that the sake hit her too – she slept in his bed and left before he woke up. She was too embarrassed to tell him. Toss the camisole out. OK with the explanation, Cane will recommend Juliet for the job. Tucking the camisole away, Cane agrees to go with Lily to her shoot.

Hugging Chloe, Chelsea’s all ‘giddy’ over the thought of a spring wedding. Sending the ‘weirdo’ up to get ready for her date, Chloe lets Nick in on her way out – she and Kevin are meeting at some dive bar, Underground. The owner’s a loser, Nick plays along. Chloe blurts out that the sooner Chelsea’s over Adam the better – I just want what’s best for her.

Gloria overheard Jack and Ashley earlier – she wants to stop you from crushing Billy like a bug. He made his bed and rolled around in it with your wife (Glo clearly sides with Jack) Ashley thinks I’m using the business for revenge, Jack adds. Are you? Absolutely, he confirms proudly.

Now alone, Vikki plugs the flashdrive into Billy’s laptop (and sees that he’s flying to Toronto to meet the hockey director in person today) You didn’t, Billy teases Vikki for committing ‘corporate espionage’. Unfortunately, their phones beep; the Ashby’s are on their way and Jordan wants to discuss something.

Chelsea comes down to find Nick drinking a beer. Postponing food in favour of wine, she sits to say that Kevin gives Chloe stability. She’s an amazing friend – like you ~kiss~ Chelsea’s then surprised when Mike rings the penthouse doorbell.

Chloe’s put the bad stuff behind her and moved forward, Kevin claims that she’s very focused on her daughter Bella. He’s now the dependable one. I’ll cheers to that, Chloe appears with a drink.

How can Gloria help? Research current trends and provide ideas for the pitch? she offers. Jack’s open to any idea that help Jabot (all the better if they hurt Billy) You won’t be sorry boss, Gloria leaves on a mission.

After Lily and Jordan go to do their shoot, Vikki and Billy hustle Cane out so they can pick up where they left off.

Mike’s at the penthouse with a cheque for Nick from Constance Bingham’s estate – as Sage’s next of kin, it now goes to Nick. After he leaves, Nick comments that Constance is still affecting their lives.

Seemingly tipsy, Chloe orders another round and admires Scotty’s hair. I’m right here! Kevin’s alarmed by her flirting then her boldly saying that she’d have hunted Scotty down if he got Kevin killed in the Middle East. Cheers.

Returning to the office, Jordan raves about how relaxed Lily was for the shoot. She credits Cane’s return – and asks Jordan about his love life. It’s non-existent, he claims. Lily then sees a text from Hilary on his phone. Yes, Jordan likes her. Lily hopes he doesn’t get hurt is all.

Seeing Vikki and Billy huddled over a laptop in the conference room, Cane talks on the phone and throws Juliet’s camisole in a trash bin.

Chelsea wonders if the money’s cursed (then lists everyone connected to Constance who’s died tragically just before they were about to get what they wanted) Nick doesn’t think so – and he wants Chelsea to have the money.

Drinks and conversation flow freely as Chloe suddenly hears ‘her jam’. When Kevin refuses to dance, he forces a smile as Chloe drags Scott up (for a cringe-worthy display of both the Robot and the Sprinkler)

At Top of the Tower, Lily toasts to her husband – and Collin leaving; he and Jill are off on an extended trip. Cane’s surprised, pleasantly so.

Closing the office blinds, Vikki and Billy watch the unedited Clarissa interview and immediately recognize Gloria. What the hell???