Monday, March 20th

What was that? Lily’s startled by a clattering. A busboy dropped something, Cane reassures. He then gets a text from Juliet (has he spoken to Vikki yet?) It’s nothing, he takes Lily’s hand across the table.

When the music slows down, Kevin tells Chloe and Scott to continue dancing (which they do – as Chloe talks about taking control of justice and one’s destiny)

Take it for Connor, Nick pressures Chelsea. Unlike Victor’s college fund, this one has no strings attached. Fine, Chelsea takes the cheque – then ponders what might have been. Why did fate take Sage and Adam and not us?

Gloria returns to Jack’s office with some regional reports and talk of Jeffrey crawling back to her begging for forgiveness when she’s rich. Likewise, Jack can’t wait to take Billy down (and show Vikki that he’s dead weight)

Horrified, Billy and Vikki watch Gloria’s interview; naming her sexual harasser as the CEO of Jabot Cosmetics, Jack Abbott.

Next: Things have changed around here, Hilary smiles. Keeps things interesting, Jordan flirts… When you asked me out to dinner, is that a date? mariah asks Devon … Jack, Billy and Gloria are silent as Vikki sneers ‘pretty shabby move Jack and evidently, it’s not the only sleazy move you’ve made lately’.

My Thoughts: Poor Kevin. I guess his new confidence allows him to be OK with his girlfriend throwing herself at Scott and clinging to him on the dancefloor…. Lily’s so frail that she’s startled by a busboy dropping stuff? Yet Kevin (abused as a child) and Scott (escaped ISIS or similar) … Why on earth would Cane thrown Juliet’s tank top out at Brash n Sassy? It’s an