Tuesday, March 21st

Vikki yanks the flashdrive out of Billy’s laptop as they absorb what they’ve just seen; Gloria’s accusation – that just happened. We have Jack right where we want him.

At the office, Gloria wants to toast Jack’s success in taking the hockey deal away from BnS. He has no time for that but is impressed that she’s already done the report he asked for. This is very good.

Swaying on the dancefloor (and almost falling over) Chloe tells Scott that she was victorious in taking control. How? Scott seems very interested.

At the penthouse, Nick and Chelsea bond over something they have in common; overcoming grief. She looks surprised when Nick thinks they need to go out and be around people, hear some music.

Hilary’s summoned Jordan to GC Buzz. She knows Lily, her soon to be ex-sister in law, talked to him about her. As a photographer, Jordan sees things from different perspectives. And he likes change – keeps things interesting.

Arriving at Top of the Tower, Mariah keeps referencing Devon’s wealth. What’s going on here? Is this a date? she asks. You tell me, Devon replies.

Chelsea knows she can’t continue to stay in and wallow – but doesn’t want to be around people who’ll try to comfort her over losing Adam. Understanding, Nick signs over the cheque; for Connor’s education. I’ll call you tomorrow ~kiss~ Chelsea changes her mind – she wants to go out with Nick.

Still dancing, Chloe looks deeply into Scott’s mind as she answers his questions. As she hits the ladies room, Kevin and Scott agree that she’s a spitfire alright. It was rough for a while but Chloe made it back, Kevin thinks that sexy as hell.

Jack’s impressed as he reads the email Gloria sent him (including all the domain names she bought for Jabot’s men’s’ line) Yes, she thought of everything. Yes, she’s a natural. I like men, Glo reminds – she’ll get the design team to work (and is told to keep the ball rolling)

At BnS, Vikki and Billy talk out Gloria and Jack – would she really trash his reputation for a receptionist job? And why would Jack hire her? Is there truth to the story? Billy’s sure there’s not but let’s use this footage to confront Jack; get him to back off the hockey deal. Vikki has bigger plans.