Thursday, March 23rd

At Top of the Tower, Chloe and Kevin know they’re in love. Popping out the ring, Kevin wants to be a family again; with Chloe and Bella. Will you marry me?

Mariah’s fine with Hilary taking the dress they both wanted – it’s a consolation prize. Hilary’s sure Devon doesn’t really want Mariah – he wants someone to challenge him. Mariah declares that Devon’s done with Hilary – now it’s my turn.

Back at CL’s, Devon speaks highly of Mariah. He wants to take his time though – and he can’t blame Hilary for making him a man he wasn’t proud of. So, what’s new with Neil? Ashley offered him a job at Jabot – the title? TBD – something in Operations and finance. Devon points out that Neil ran Chancellor, NE and Jabot – but you can only go so far in a family business. He plans to start something new and wants Neil standing next to him.

Lily hands Cane his phone – seems Juliet is dying to talk to you. But no, she’s not ‘jealous’, just curious. Cane explains that he recommended Juliet for a manager job. That’s what the exclamation points are about. Lily needn’t be jealous – Cane only has eyes for his sexy wife ~kiss~

This wasn’t a good fit – thanks for your time, Vikki shows the music instructor out. Packing up his guitar, Reed grumbles. Just because I can’t read music doesn’t mean I’m not good. Vikki calls her Mom – now Reed hates me – again. I can’t do anything right when it comes to him. On the CL’s patio, Nikki looks outside to see a woman playing guitar and singing.

Between the two of us, we have the capitol and the experience – let’s build our own company; Winters Hamilton Inc., Devon suggests. Neil runs with it – but he’s pragmatic. Start ups fold every day. Devon thinks it time he follow through with what Kay would want him to do with the money. We’re family and friends. There’s nobody Devon would rather start a business with than Neil. They shake hands.

Nikki steps out to applaud the woman singing/playing on the patio. Yes, she knows how to play piano, drums too. Could you teach a raw but talented teenager? Nikki asks. How much? More than what’s in your case, she assures. Tessa and Nikki shake hands.

Mariah wonders why Hilary’s so sure that she and Devon haven’t been dating for a while – like up against a wall when he begged me to come back to work. Hilary doubts Mariah and Devon have an insatiable lust for one another. On cue, Devon appears – I’d love to hear the answer to that one.

Nick and Chelsea play detective. This tracking device is for the average consumer – like when your dog runs away. But someone used it to track Chelsea and Connor. Besides the nannies, who would know which stuffed toy Connor couldn’t live without?

We live together – we don’t need to make it official, Chloe reasons. Are you afraid I’ll mess up again? No, Kevin sees no reason they can’t be the couple everyone wishes they were. OK – yes – I’ll marry you – again, Chloe agrees. As the ring goes on, fellow diners applaud the newly engaged couple.

Vikki wants to understand – what did Reed expect from the lessons? She knows he has talent, he just needs the skills. Nikki returns home just in time – don’t leave now. Meet Tessa – she might be exactly what Reed needs.