Friday, March 24th

At the Baldwins home, an excited Kevin announces that he and Chloe are getting married. Mike and Scott don’t have much to say but Lauren’s a bit leery – are you trying to recapture what you had? No, Kevin wants a new life with Chloe and Bella.

Likewise, Chloe’s showing off her engagement ring to Nick and Chelsea; who will of course be her maid of honour. Now, what did you guys want to ask me? Nick wants to know about this – a GPS tracking device they found in Connor’s dinosaur. How’d it get in there? Chloe asks. Nick was hoping she’d know.

At the ranch, Nikki smiles as Tessa and Reed strum their guitars. As requested, she then accompanies them on the piano. Victor arrives – I’ll be damned – want me to sing? All chuckle.

In his office, Jack updates Ashley that he backed out of the hockey deal. Ashley wonders why he changed his mind.

Vikki bumps into Abby at NE – she has a story to tell Victor. Oh, Abby has an important meeting scheduled with him (and doesn’t look happy when Vikki sits down to wait)

Nikki hugs Victor and introduces him to Tessa, Reed’s music teacher. Victor then heads off to the office.

At first lying, Chloe soon admits that she put the tracking device in Connor’s toy – so she could warn Chelsea if the cops were coming after her. Why didn’t you tell me any of this? Chelsea asks.

Jack admits that he only took the hockey to stick it to Billy. Ashley appreciates the honesty – now why did you hire Gloria? Jack lists her qualities; she’s a hard-working employee – like Ravi. Jack then changes the subject to her date with Ravi. He’s a much younger employee – fix this.

Victor welcomes both Vikki and Abby into his office. Tell me all about Brash n Sassy, he instructs Vikki. Abby has important and confidential business to discuss. Victor doesn’t see a conflict of interest and is sure Vikki will be discreet. Always, Vikki confirms.

Abby’s annoyed when Victor’s more interested in Vikki wiping the smug smile on Jack’s face than her report. Abby interrupts to pitch her deal of renting office space to tech startups. NE gets a % on each deal. Victor likes the idea. Vikki poo poo’s the idea. Victor’s sure Abby welcomes Vikki’s input (which she clearly does not)