Wednesday, March 22nd

At CL’s, Sharon serves Scott coffee and some advice on how to clear the cobwebs out – take a walk – she’ll watch his stuff. Greeting Scott on his way out, Chelsea tells Sharon that she is indeed there for pastries for Nick – as an apology.

Nick’s at the ranch to chat with his Mom. Chelsea went home last night after Adam dying in the explosion was brought up. What if it wasn’t an accident?

Over breakfast, Chloe admits she’s a bit hungover – but oh how she loves her life. Kevin notes that she didn’t sleep well – what were the nightmares about?

At the office, Vikki’s confident Billy can cement this deal – making BnS the official men’s line of professional hockey. Billy gives her the credit – you schooled Jack on how it’s done.

Joining Gloria in his office, Jack doesn’t appreciate her bringing up the deal her interview blew. Are you trying to make me angrier than I already am?? he growls.

Pastries all packed up, Sharon asks how things are between Nick and Chelsea. She, of all people, doesn’t find it weird that she’s dating Adam’s brother and isn’t surprised that Nick’s giving Connor the money he inherited via Constance.

Chloe reassures Kevin – the only fear she has is losing him (which won’t happen, he promises) With I love you’s, Chloe leaves Kevin to chat with his ‘smitten’ brother (who surprises him by saying he’s going to ask Chloe to marry him)

Nikki’s sure the explosion that killed Adam was an accident. She passed along a burner phone so that Chelsea could contact him – and is sick to think that she and Connor could have been killed too. If it wasn’t an accident, who would have killed Adam? she asks.

An intense Gloria won’t be the scapegoat for Jack’s fury (at Billy and Vikki) Stay focused on the men’s line and in your spare time stick it to your baby brother for what he did to you.

Billy follows Vikki into the conference room to question her defending him to Jack (which he didn’t expect) Saved by the bell, Vikki shoos him out to answer the phone.

Nikki wonders what’s making Nick question Adam’s death. He flashes back to Scott relaying that something changed for Chloe six months ago. He’s also saved by the bell (Chelsea sends a text summoning him to the penthouse) Nikki’s concludes with a warning for Nick (don’t reopen old wounds)