Thursday, March 23rd

Back at GC Buzz, Devon asks Mariah about her ‘insatiable lust’ comment. OK, Mariah exaggerated to stand up for her friend Devon. Hilary’s acting like I kissed you just to piss you off. Didn’t you? Yes… at first – but then it was… nice, Mariah admits. Hold that thought, Devon goes over to Hilary – GC Buzz is all yours. Let’s end this.

Chloe loves her ring – it’s beautiful. Past failed weddings aside, she and Kev are excited about this one; Bella will be flower girl, Chelsea maid of honour, Mike will be Kev’s best man. Gloria will probably show up in a white dress, they joke. Further plans are interrupted when Kev gets a call from work. ‘Go’ Chloe sends him off with her blessing and a kiss. It’s forever this time.

Nick fires questions at Chelsea – Who had access to Connor’s things? Who knew that the dinosaur was his favourite toy? The nannies, Anita, Chloe. Chloe? Nick reminds that she’s always hated Adam. She let go of her rage – even went to visit Adam, Chelsea shoots that down – she wanted me to move on. But… she did mention the view of the lake from the cabin – and didn’t want me to take the money. Nick’s gut tells him that Chloe planted the tracking device – but why? Only one way to find out, Chelsea picks up her phone.

Hilary’s surprised that Devon’s giving GC Buzz to her – what changed? Devon wants to move on and will have Mike drawn up the papers. Hilary can’t fire anyone for the first 12 months and he trusts she won’t take the show into the gutter. Devon also hints that he has another project that’ll be announced soon. Summoning Mariah over, Devon says that he’ll be seeing more of her. Hilary’s fine with that – it won’t be an issue.

Pulling Juliet’s camisole out of the trash at BnS, Jordan wonders how it got there. Maybe it fell off the rack, Lily suggests (as Jordan hangs it up) In the conference room, Cane texts Juliet – fly to GC to meet Vikki asap – I told her you’re the best. Juliet’s on her way.

As Nikki and Vikki quietly chat, Reed comes over to say that Tessa’s cool. Nikki will observe while Vikki heads back to work. You’re hired, Reed tells Tessa (who wants to see what he has before deciding if she’ll stick around)

Chloe drops by the penthouse – she has something to ask her best friend. As Nick stands by, Chelsea has something to ask Chloe too – you haven’t been honest with me…

Next: I intend to write my memoir and I need an experienced co-writer, Victor announces. You want me to write your biography, Scott concludes … Jack accosts Ashley – he’s not only an employee, he’s much younger – this could be a problem … That’s crazy. How’d that get in there? Chloe’s surprised. Why don’t you tell us? Nick counters (as Chelsea also waits for an answer)