Thursday, March 23rd

A ‘gorgeous’ Chloe joins Kevin at Top of the Tower. What’s the occasion? Kevin will explain everything.

At the penthouse, Chelsea knows a tracking device when she sees one but has no idea how it got into Connor’s dinosaur. Nick’s sure someone knows – the person who put it in there.

Reed thanks Nikki for letting him have his music lesson at the ranch (his first) Nikki supports him growing as a musician – she’s excited to see where Reed’s talent and passion take him ~hug~

Arriving at BnS, Cane gets a text from Juliet – ‘any word’? Vikki’s announces that she’s already interviewed someone for the job. Cane has the perfect person in mind.

Also at BnS, Lily observes Jordan yawn and blames the ‘she-demon’ Hilary. She’s sharp, beautiful, smart, Jordan thinks they should avoid the subject. She was married to my Father and brother – and now Lily wonders if Jordan’s falling for Hilary.

Going over a rack of clothes at the station, Mariah and Hilary discuss their dates last night. Picking the same dress, Mariah quips ‘looks like we want the same thing’.

At CL’s, Devon tells Neil that he has a lot of changes going on in his life. He’s already dating – Mariah. Neil knows they have a good connection but with things so complicated is Devon really ready to take things further?

As Nikki watches on, Reed strums away at his guitar; the no-nonsense music instructor taking him through some chords that Reed doesn’t know.

Eating lunch at BnS, Lily continues to warn Jordan away from Hilary. I’m not in love – Jordan’s just he’s enjoying meeting new people and likes GC much better than New York (where he had to do work he wouldn’t put on is resume)

In the conference room, Vikki ends her call re: the Asian manager. Cane thinks Juliet might be the right person. OK, Vikki will put her in the running but there’s others. She then gets a text she must go deal with. Cane’s left to leave a VM for Juliet – he has some news for her.

Having checked all of Connor’s stuffed toys for tracking devices, Chelsea hates this – it reminds her of the time Adam put cameras in the penthouse to watch her and Connor. Adam wouldn’t have put it there – he was already home when we got this dinosaur. So who put the GPS device there? The police? No, the case was closed. Nick wonders too and is determined to find out.