Friday, March 24th

At CL’s, Abby whines to her Mom about Vikki torpedoing her idea. She can’t stand it that Dad’s grooming me. Ashley’s surprised to hear that Victor’s stepping away from the company. Nick and Vikki walked away from NE but I still feel like Dad’s backup plan, Abby frowns – maybe because I’m not pure Newman blood. Ashley advises Abby to run with her idea.

Victor wants to write his memoirs and needs an experienced co-writer to help him. Ruthless? That was unauthorized. Victor wants to correct and update his story. Scott knows that the more powerful a person is, the less likely they are to see their own flaws. Victor can see how Scott’s opinions got him into trouble.

Now home, Reed tells his Mom all about the wonderful Tessa. When Vikki asks about her technique, Reed says she doesn’t really have one – she just plays. Grandma even played with us. He’ll be practicing a lot and having lessons once a week. Both happy, they bump fists.

Tessa’s on her phone on the CL’s patio – I met some rich kid, singer-songwriter. I don’t know how good he is yet but his family connections are off the charts.

Lauren needed someone who could come up with millions of dollars. Jack wishes she’d come to him. Lauren couldn’t continue to work with Jack if she owed him – or if something went wrong. Jack’s still not happy that she went to Victor.

Victor’s going to tell the truth in this book. OK, Scott will write every detail of his life – even the parts Victor wants to skip. Are you willing to do that?

Flashing back to being in the cabin, Chloe pulls items out of the shoe box – a gun, dart (?) a wrench. Kevin calls out – he’s having a hard time finding a venue but don’t worry – nothing will stop me from getting you to the altar. Chloe puts stuff into a black gym bag.

Nick and Chelsea discuss going to Paul for cell phone records (via the towers) If Paul reopens the case, Victor might get charged for planning Adam’s escape from prison. Nick will use the Newman name to apply some pressure – we WILL get answers.

Next: You – want to date – me? Mariah seems surprised by a smiling Devon … Jordan – Hilary Curtis, you command the spotlight just by being you … Announcing that their getting married, Kevin and Chloe get different reactions from their Mothers. Ester’s delighted. Gloria looks ill.