Friday, March 24th

Lauren’s happy for Kevin but is sure Gloria won’t be. Scott’s glad he got to know Chloe a bit last night – she got a bit drunk. He’s sure they won’t be a boring married couple. Kevin asks Mike to be his best man. Scott leaves after getting a text – Victor wants to see him. Mike would be honoured to be Kev’s best man. Lauren pimps Fenmores virtual dressing room – we have a wedding section.

No, Chloe’s not using the tracker anymore – it probably doesn’t even work. She was only trying to protect Chelsea (who believes her and doesn’t need an apology) ~hug~ She’ll even make Chloe’s wedding dress. After Chloe leaves, Nick thinks the story’s off – but she couldn’t have gone to the cabin that night – the place was surrounded. OMG, actually, there was a way, Chelsea realizes.

Tessa gobbles down her snacks – she hasn’t eaten this well in a while. Nikki can’t take credit – we have a chef. As for Reed’s playing, he has a good ear. You need to play all the time – and not just in your room. Your tempo and timing need work. That’ll come with practice. It’s agreed that Tessa will come once a week. Basically, she lives for music.

Reminding Jack of how many models and secretaries he’s hooked up with, Ashley doesn’t think Ravi any of her business – then brings up Gloria again. When Lauren arrives, Ashley greets her and escapes.

Scott exchanges a few words with Abby and Vikki, then goes with Victor into the office. That leaves Abby to accuse Vikki of trying to sabotage her. Vikki, of course, denies it – this paranoia doesn’t suit you.

In the office, Scott wonders if Victor has any news on Ahmed. Victor does – but it’s best you hear it yourself.

After ending a call, Scott’s relieved to tell Victor that Ahmed and his family are safe. How can I ever repay you? Victor has something in mind.

Nick and Chelsea discuss the secret passageway out of the penthouse and that Chloe knew about it. The police weren’t even looking for her – the amber alert was for Chelsea and Connor. You really think Chloe killed my husband? She’s not a demolition expert! Chelsea’s in denial. Nick reminds that Chloe knew about the view of the lake. Adam was her target. No, Chloe forgave Adam, Chelsea insists – there’s no way she could keep this monstrous lie while living with me. We have to find out if Chloe left the apartment that night, they agree. We’ll use this GPS tracker to get the evidence.

Now home, Chloe pulls a show box marked ‘party shoes’ from under her bed. Kevin barges in – there’s my beautiful soon to be wife – what are you up to?

Pushing the box back under the bed, Chloe claims she was just looking for her shoes ~kiss~ With maid of honour and best man decided, Kevin will go look at wedding venues – you get back to shoes. Alone again, Chloe pulls the shoe box back out.

Lauren and Jack are both happy that the virtual dressing room is a success. She appreciates him picking up the slack while she was dealing with Scott. How did you manage to get him home? Jack asks. Lauren’s mouth hangs open. Is there something you can’t tell me? Jack’s puzzled.