Monday, March 27th

Ending a call, it seems that Nick’s reluctantly using his Newman name to pressure someone into getting Chloe’s phone records. Chelsea sure hopes the records show that Chloe was here, at the penthouse, that night – not the cabin.

Kevin and Chloe have asked Gloria and Ester to meet them at CL’s for coffee – to announce that they’re getting married. Ester looks thrilled, Gloria not so much.

Bumping into Jordan at the park, Devon’s updated that Hilary’s booked a full photo session at the studio. You’re divorced – Jordan basically tells Devon to mind his own business. Yeah, well, the ink’s barely dry and Devon’s not done talking yet.

Hilary’s gathered GC Buzz’s staff to announce that Devon’s gone – she’s the new owner. Hilary has big plans – she wants national buzz, international buzz, global buzz. We need to go viral. Who’s with me? Mariah claps along with everyone else.

At NE, toasting to their new joint project, Scott wants to know why Victor’s writing his memoirs now.

Meeting over, Mariah reminds Hilary that GC Buzz is just about GC – not LA or NY etc. As co-host, her opinion should matter a little. It does – a little, Hilary assures – then comments on her aggressive play for Devon. Just a friendly reminder – stick to the script – you don’t want to upset the new boss.

Devon doesn’t have a say in who Hilary dates – but doesn’t see how it’s possible that she’s moving on so quickly. Jordan asks about Devon kissing Mariah. We’ve been friends for a long time – and Devon’s NOT jealous. Jordan makes it clear that it’s only important that Hilary trust him (he doesn’t care if Devon does)

Back at the penthouse, Chelsea hates sneaking around to try catch Chloe in a lie. She’s our guardian. I’m sure she and her cell phone were in this apartment that night. She’s the best friend I have. Nick needs to know the truth – you either deal with your stuff or it deals with you.

Kevin and Chloe are ecstatic when Ester offers the estate for their wedding venue. As they pair go off to make plans, Kevin’s left to scold Gloria (who questions whether Kevin OR Chloe are ready for marriage)

Victor wants his legacy left in his own words for his children and grandchildren. Your adventures AND your mistakes? Scott queries. Victor wants his family to know the truth; how much they mean to me. Scott wonders if Adam’s death is the motivation.