Monday, March 27th

Ester will throw Chloe a fairy tale wedding. Thank you, Chloe gives her Mom a hug. Inside, Kevin fails to win Gloria over. Living together doesn’t mean anything – Chloe’s divorced you TWICE. She had a breakdown – ran over Adam etc. Kevin doesn’t care who Fathered Bella – I’m adopting her. As Gloria claims he deserves better, Chloe appears to listen.

Back at the penthouse, Nick rubs Chelsea’s shoulders, then makes a smoothie as Chelsea flashes back to Chloe talking about trying to kill Adam. But she’s so glad he lived (for Chelsea and Connor’s sake) Both jump to attention when Nick gets the call he’s waiting for – did you get those phone records!?

As the show wraps up, Hilary announces that she’s now sole owner – and shoos all the staff out because Jordan’s coming for a photo shoot. As co-host, Mariah has concerns – what does Hilary want with Jordan? And when he arrives, Mariah lets Jordan know that everyone’s been ordered out. On cue, Devon calls Maria – who thinks it better they meet at CL’s (as Hilary and Jordan are flirting up a storm)

Chloe wishes Gloria liked her – but understands why she doesn’t – she’d do anything to protect her child too. That said, Chloe ensures that she’s a different person, largely thanks to Kevin – the kindest, funniest, most compassionate guy I’ve ever met. It’s a privilege to love him. I’ll never hurt him again. Not swayed, Gloria leaves.

Victor wants everyone who reads the memoir (that Scott’s to co-write) to understand how much he loved Adam and to know that anyone who crosses my family will deal with me.

Nick connects the dots – here’s the cabin – Chloe’s cell pinged off a tower nearby. It doesn’t prove she was at the cabin, Chelsea denies. It proves she wasn’t here, Nick persists. Maybe the explosion wasn’t an accident. Phone records PROVE that Chloe lied – we have to look at it with an open mind. So I’m being close-minded? an annoyed Chelsea marches upstairs.

Gloria interrupts Hilary’s ‘afternoon snack’ to thank her for cutting the interview. Yes, it was hogwash. Please get rid of all the footage. Hilary will – but only for Jack’s sake. No, ‘buzz’ off. Gloria then makes a ‘beeline’ for Mariah (asking her to help break up Kevin and Chloe up) She’s been in a mental hospital. So has my Mom! Mariah wishes Chloe and Kevin well – Gloria should accept the inevitable.

Still at CL’s, Chloe vows she won’t let Gloria or anyone else ruin what she and Kevin have ~kiss~

Scott suggests Victor take some time to make sure this is what he wants. I’ll dig – I’ll want the truth. I won’t pull punches. That’s exactly what Victor wants, they shake hands.

Mariah arrives at CL’s to chide Kevin for getting engaged without telling his best gal pal. Congratulations ~hug~ If Chloe makes him happy that’s a good thing. When Mariah waves at Devon (on the patio) Kevin’s delighted to hear they’re dating. On the patio, Devon assures Mariah that yes indeed, he does want to date her.

Going over photos, Jordan sees a respected newswoman – but the spark’s missing. Be Hilary Curtis – you command the spotlight just by being you.